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Where to Advertise ACX?



This page is a transcript of the best content of some recent live training conferences about the topic, "Where to Advertise ACX":


Today, I'd like to talk about how to find good places to advertise

Rule number 1 - share ACX where you feel comfortable

Because most places work fine - you just have to know how to use each method effectively

If you don't feel comfortable advertising on Facebook, don't do it, at least until you know how to

For example, I do not want to use Facebook for my advertising - all my friends and family would feel spammed with what I advertise.

But I am not a Facebook expert, so maybe there are good ways to get around this

Another example: If you don't feel comfortable talking on the phone with prospects, don't do it.

Especially if you don't have a quiet office to work in - that might just be impossible

I have heard of members who promote to their friends and families - this might not be such a good idea, because you are too close to them, and you don't want to hurt your relationship

If your family doesn't understand an XpressShift, you've got a lot of explaining to do :)

So I recommend that you don't tell friends and family about ACX unless you know the compensation plan really well, so you can explain XpressShifts to them.

Offline Marketing:

You can start by marketing offline - make some cheap business cards and start putting them where people will find them

The Marketing Website has some guidance on that marketing method also:


You don't need to use the ACX logo on your business card - just put "Make Money on the Internet" and put our web site and your alternative username on the card - that's it

Then just leave the business cards wherever you go - where people will find them

Your prospects will need to enter you as their sponsor at the bottom right of the new home page, www.adclickxpress.com

So choose an alternative username for your profile in the Member Area and put that on your business card

One that is easy to remember and spell would be best

Telephone Marketing:

You can also buy leads and then call them on the phone - anyone good at doing that?

If you are, then use that method to advertise ACX.

I'm sure phone sales is still a significant part of sales revenue for many companies, including ACX

Safelists, Traffic Exchanges and Classified Ads:

But the best way I recommend for beginners is to post ads in safelists, traffic exchanges, and on classified ad sites

You can reach a lot of people, and it's free most of the time.

You can advertise ACX in safelists - no chance of spamming anyone, and most people there are looking for something better than what they already have.

You will find lots of them at http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/emg/emg-resources

You can learn how to advertise on safelists at YouTube - there are some great videos about how to get set up and work effectively

Safelist Tip: once you understand how safelists work, consider subscribing to a safelist submitter - this will cut your advertising down enormously, and you'll reach a lot more people

Facebook and Craigslist are also very interesting to use to promote ACX, but if you don't follow their rules, you can get your account suspended, so don't advertise there unless you are trained.

For example, if you can just find a good viral video and make a post about it in Facebook, with your URL in the description, of course, you might be able to get thousands of visitors

Find out more about how to advertise effective in Facebook before you try this :)

Again, I am not a Facebook expert when it comes to advertising, but I'm sure the potential is enormous

The same goes for YouTube - you can get your account suspended or even closed, if you don't follow the rules there.

Of course, you can find E-books and YouTube videos online that teach you how to advertise with Craigslist, Facebook and YouTube

BackPage.com is similar to, but much easier to use than Craigslist - they allow ACX. Just look for the business opportunities section.

You can also just start by advertising at the websites at


There are a lot of places here, but eventually, I think it's best to find your OWN places to advertise

Look for places that give you free visitors to your site, just for signing up - just like ACX does.

Looking for new places should be your new passion, not watching the football games on TV :)

Anyone here that? Your new lifetime passion is advertising :)

Look for New Places to Advertise:

Try using the recommendations from established advertising experts you find online - there are many of them

And then track your results like at http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/public/advertising-management

In fact, always track your results like in http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/public/advertising-management

To find new places to advertise ACX, just search for "Best places to advertise a home business" in your search engine, for example

Properly documenting your advertising will help you later to determine where to advertise in the future and how to change the way you advertise, like headlines, content, etc

Use Lead Capture Systems:

There are also some very effective lead capture systems you can use, like LeadSkimmer

http://leadskimmer.com/155027/wtat - if you want to sign up for free to experience what I'm talking about

These systems are very effective to get people to submit their contact information, but then you need to follow up with information about ACX, right?

After they sign up under you, e-mail them with something like "Hi Joe, thanks for signing up under me in LeadSkimmer - it works very well to get people to talk to - let me tell you about ACX..."

Why LeadSkimmer? Go check it out - you'll see what I mean - their presentation is so good, you can't help but submit your contact information

Maybe ACX will create such a system, maybe better :)

Again, such a system works very well to get people to talk to, but they might be people who have no interest in ACX, so it's a bigger numbers game.

That's why it might be better to simply use one of your ACX affiliate web sites, with the ad tracking codes built in

You need to be motivated to promote ACX:

The things we are talking about today are Step 2 of the 2-Step Success Steps at ACX

Step 1 is to be motivated enough to promote ACX

If you lack motivation to promote ACX, please refer to the live training at


Reverse Advertising:

How about Reverse Advertising - anyone ever try that?

You have to do it right to avoid spam complaints, but it works very well also

Here's the best quick-guide I've seen about Reverse Advertising:


I've also seen some other systems that were much more complicated, but claim to work very well

I've used Reverse Advertising to get some very big players into my list - it works well

Just choose who you want in your list and start sending them E-mails like in the example on the page above

Use the new affiliate sites used to attract pure advertisers:

Important: We also have 4 new affiliate web sites that are specifically designed to attract advertisers - you make 25% on any money these types of referrals spend.

Just look at your affiliate web sites, and then look at the bottom 4 affiliate sites


Safelists and classified ad sites are free, and many people there are looking for good places to advertise also - tell them about ACX advertising!

Especially the ACX prime advertising - it works very well - I have gotten hundreds of signups from my ads there - right in the member area.

Keep in mind, looking for advertisers is a great way to find new people for ACX

Because most people are not making money advertising their current business opportunity, so they're looking for better places to advertise

Problems Advertising ACX:

Some websites will not let you advertise ACX - it's a business opportunity, so not all classified sites allow ACX.

It's important not to get discouraged when you encounter sites that do not let you advertise ACX - just move on, and find other sites.

And track every ad you post as in the page, Advertising Management


Even track the sites that did NOT allow you to submit your ACX ad, so you don't waste your time with them again at a later date

Be Tough

Advertising is a part of sales - you've got to be tough

It's EASY to get discouraged - when you do, come back to this room, and we'll give you a "pep talk" :)

But at least you're not doing telephone sales, so you don't have to make hundreds of sales calls and have people swearing at you because you interrupted their day :)

And when you advertise online, your prospects don't know that you haven't taken a bath in a week :)

You've got it made, promoting ACX at home :)

What other places can we advertise ACX? Anyone have a place they are interested in advertising at?

I might be able to provide some assistance, or maybe someone else in the room

I usually just tell people, "Look for Experts online who are willing to provide you with their recommended places to advertise"

You just have to be careful - may just want you to sign up under them, so they can make some money from you.

But some "experts" are really, genuinely interested in helping people - like me :)

Some experts have created websites or blogs that even provide support for your questions about promoting - the Internet is great sometimes :)

When you find such a good website, enter it into your list of good places to advertise, like recommended at


And YouTube videos will show you on a video how to place ads, for example, in Craigslist, in Facebook, or in YouTube

Just don't get distracted by nonsense things in YouTube ;)

On the Internet, you are not alone :)

And remember, don't spend weeks on your own blog or website - you can start making money right away, by simply advertising the ACX affiliate sites you already have - or use something like LeadSkimmer, mentioned above

You can experience a LOT of very good information on our web site - start at http://www.adclickxpress.com/members/all-emg-members





Comment By :hasan iyoy

How do I advertise adc express to sites advertising sites like neobox

Replied By :: Admin

Neobux is a great place to advertise ACX.

Simply choose any of your affiliate websites and a text ad to go with it.

More details on how to post ads for ACX is at


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