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Traffic Exchanges        

A Traffic Exchange (also known as a Hit Exchange) is a great alternative for driving more traffic to your website. By utilizing a traffic exchange you gain more exposure for your website by viewing other people’s websites. Hence the word ‘exchange’. You submit your site to a traffic exchange directory along with countless thousands and sometimes millions depending on the exchange you are using and everybody gets to view each other’s websites, thus providing an endless stream of hits to your page. Traffic Exchanges are one of the most misunderstood traffic sources in existence today. Some say they don’t work, while others say they provide their business with the very traffic it needs. Like other marketing methods, you have to make them work and this is based upon your experience and application of that knowledge. Everybody uses traffic exchanges to increase their existing business sales either directly or indirectly. People crave free traffic and that is exactly what TE’s provide!


Effective Use of Traffic Exchanges

The key to using TE’s is understanding that the people who will be viewing your website will only be doing so for a few seconds. Rather than sending people to your actual website, it’s better to send them to a designated advertisement page specifically designed for traffic exchanges. This advertisement should create enough curiosity to take the prospect to your main page where they will have more time to browse and check out your offerings.

The most effective advertising pages are what is known as a squeeze page, splash page or capture page. These are pages that capture a viewer’s attention with a simple headline, description and an opt-in form for an autoresponder email system. This way you create curiosity, capture their details and lead them to your main webpage. This allows you to develop a communication process with potential customers who opt-in with your splash page. Very rarely will people just go to your website and purchase what you have to offer. This process works best over time after a certain amount of exposure has been shown to your prospect.

In summary, Traffic Exchange should primarily be used to build your list of prospects over a period of time and add value to your offerings.


 Worthwhile Traffic Exchanges

There are thousands of traffic exchanges out there to choose from yet very few can provide the results that you are looking for when it comes to increasing traffic to your website. It is highly recommended that you focus your efforts on 5-10 of the big ones. Ideally, you want to have your site shown 24-7 in the exchanges. As you expand and grow your business, you can extend your presence on more traffic exchanges to build up your traffic to your splash page. The following are a few of the best traffic exchanges we recommend:

These Exchanges are a great starting point in helping you generate subscribers for your site. The more experienced you become, the more you can expand your subscriber base.


Ranking Traffic Exchanges

There are companies available online whose entire businesses have been created around evaluating and ranking the services of other businesses. Some examples of Traffic Exchange Ranking companies:


Top Key Tips for Maximizing Your Results

  1. Use TE's to promote YOU.

  2. Offer something of value.

TE's are not good for selling, per se. They are good for:

  • Building your brand

  • Building your list - Multimedia is a great way to be a game changer


Top 10 Expert TIPS

  1. Master five sites at a time and take full advantage of all features: - Visit sites - Complete profile - Visit TE's social networking sites - Participate in website visiting chats - Use all credits.

  2. When selecting TE's, the largest TE's are not necessarily the best, sometimes it's about how active members are, ease of use, opportunity to earn with referrals - what's the comp plan has to offer.

  3. Always use tracking links to evaluate effectiveness.

  4. Always use a URL Rotator - site may only allow you to rotate five sites, place five URLs in five rotators accommodates 25 web sites.

  5. Strive to work with a budget of 1500 credits per month. A free member might need to visit 3000 sites, so you might consider getting a premium membership that provides credits and saves time.

  6. PROMOTE YOUR TE's - get a few referrals to upgrade and your ad budget could be covered this way.

  7. It pays to upgrade- if you have a few upgraded referrals (you often get a higher commission level if you are upgraded which covers its cost). Leverage the social sites.

  8. USE A CAPTURE PAGE - graphically designed to work better with TE surfers with low attention spans and build your list.

  9. Use as a Time Management tool - delegate mindless surfing so your time can be better spent leading your team.

  10. Once you've mastered five TE's, do some more - and try to be consistent with what you are advertising - don't look like a program jumper.


Manual Traffic Exchanges Recommended

Mastering the art of branding YOU is Key to Successful Relationship Marketing! TE's (traffic exchanges) are an incredible resource for networking. At sites such as Sweeva.com & Thumbvu.com you can obtain valuable feedback regarding your website pages that you are promoting and while you surf to earn your own advertising credits.





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