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Build Your Business with (SMS) Mobile Marketing


What is SMS Mobile Marketing?

There are about 6.8 billion people on the planet and approximately 4.5 billion of them have a mobile or cellular phone. Mobile marketing allows your business to directly advertise to your customers via their mobile or cell device. Mobile SMS (Short Message Service) marketing provides a new opportunity to reach your customers directly. It can increase the revenue of your business and help to build your brand by enhancing its perception in the marketplace. Your business will stand out and your relationship with your customers now has a new communication channel: Text messaging!

SMS mobile marketing is highly personalized, interactive and makes an immediate impact. When used to complement your service or other promotions, SMS marketing has been proven to be very effective and will generate increased sales for your business.


Why Marketers Love Cell Phone Marketing

  • Inexpensive - SMS Marketing can reach large quantities of people at a very low cost.

  • Response Rates - Up to 15% of recipients respond to the marketing messages.

  • Recall Rates - Up to 75% of recall rates means that recipients remember the message clearly, which increases response rates.

  • Strong ROI - There is a tremendous Return on Investment with SMS Marketing.

  • Effortless - With the right service, Mobile Marketing is effortless and very rewarding.


Mobile Marketing Reaches Into Our Personal Lives

  • Immediate - Marketers are placing their brand in the hands of their customers or target audience.

  • 2-Way - Easy communication is achieved as it creates an easy dialogue opportunity, directly with the customer.

  • Targeted - Can be tailored to target specific demographics (age, sex, location, etc.)

  • Effective - Acquires more business for less outgoing resources such as time and money.

  • Cross Media - Mobile messaging can be integrated with other forms of media.

  • Viral - Customers can instantly forward and share your message with others. Depending on the service you use, you can send a text at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. According to industry statistics an average of 94% of SMS messages are read. Mobile Marketing is a unique way to build your brand and cultivate relationships. Mobile Marketing is fast and easy and because of the regulations surrounding the industry, is largely spam free.


The Power of SMS Marketing Campaigns

This is a campaign where you actively engage in collecting mobile phone numbers using a keyword sent to a short code, which adds the customer's number to your messaging platform database. Once the numbers are collected, you can then prepare a special promotion or special offer update and send a mass message to potential repeat customers. Customer's phone numbers can be collected easily, either through online survey sites, opt-in forms or offline, using customer loyalty forms, raffles and draws, etc. This is how easy it is! It is however, very important that the customer is aware that their number is being collected and being used for future communications and that they are given the opportunity to opt-out at any stage they feel comfortable. Customer must volunteer and authorize their number; otherwise companies can face huge fines.


Short Codes Make Business Building Easy

Short codes are special shortened phone numbers that your customer can use to engage and interact with you. They are typically 5 or 6 digits in length. They are recognized globally, by wireless carriers, so it doesn't matter where in the world you live. Short codes allow customers to opt-in to the marketing database of a particular business. These short codes can be placed on websites, offline advertising, etc. When a customer sees it and is interested in receiving a benefit or value from the company's communications, it 'subscribes' using this code. Customers are always given the option to 'opt-out' whenever they wish. This is to comply with permission based retail legislation.


Effective SMS Mobile Marketing Example

This particular ad was for an online DVD store.

"Get a 15% discount on your next purchase by joining our VIP Club! Simply text DVD to short number 41513 and get a special 15% off coupon that should be inserted into the next purchase order form. You will receive valuable information about our latest releases and exclusive offers on your mobile screen."

(Notice the short code in red)

For more sample text and SMS ads that you can send to your prospect on this site.





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