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Safelist Marketing

Safelists are systems where users can post their business advertisements as free or paid members, to trade business opportunities with other business advertisers on the same system. Members can send any promotional materials as long as it conforms with the safelist administrator guidelines. The guidelines are standard prohibitions of specific content that cannot be shared or exchanged with other members in accordance with FTC stipulations. They must be honest and lawful business opportunities that anyone can become a member of and start making money with.

There is a lot of misinformation online about safelists, particularly from people who do not know much about them, or have participating in low quality ones. Safelists are a form of email marketing and advertising where all participating members have agreed to receive each other’s messages. There are different types of safelists that members can become a part of, depending on their level of marketing knowledge.


How do Safelists work?

There are different kinds of safelists and each of them work slightly differently. The owner of a safelist operates this system and allows people to join as members. When they join, their email address and contact details are added to the system’s mailing address. No member will ever get to see the email addresses of the other members as only the owner of the safelist has access to them.This maintains the privacy of all the members involved.

Each member will receive their own unique username and password to enter the site each time they wish to log in. Different levels of membership are usually offered to the member which will regulate the amount of advertising they can do on the system. For example, if you opted for the free membership your email advertisements might be sent to 500 recipients only, whereas if you are a paid member you would be able to send your advertisement out to 10, 000 recipients. It stands to reason the large pool of individuals that see your ad, the better chance you have of turning them into your business prospects.

The logic or theory behind the safelist system is that everybody on the system is looking for something beneficial to make money. Since everybody is in the same industry niche, it can become very powerful as some businesses are more attractive to join than others.


What Affiliates Should Know About Safelists

As everybody on these safelists have pretty much the same interest as you, it’s important that as business owner you construct your own emails. Some safelist programs allow free members to send a few thousand emails over the space of a few days so it’s important that your emails have great content advertising in them as your market in relatively small in comparison to the paid members. Make your account … count!

Affiliates should also be careful that they select the right safelists to join. There are many safelists that talk a great game but actually provide a very poor service. You need to find a decent reputable one where you can get a great return on your time investment. Do a search for the top ten safelists and you will see the most popular ones that are being used. These tend to be reputable but do check out the site before joining and do some research on them if you aren’t sure. You can check out http://solo-ad-marketing.com/3000-solo-ads/Top-100-Safelists.html to get an idea of the top ones being used by savvy safelisters!


Are Safelists Really Helpful For Affiliates?

Affiliates can definitely benefit from becoming safelist members. However, it’s necessary that they learn how to use them effectively before handing over any money. There is plenty of information online about safelists and how to use them effectively. One of the advantages is some are free to join to experiment. You can learn their system and really become proficient before you decide to take it serious and become a paid member. Thus, increasing your message broadcasting capabilities and ultimate chance of viral advertising benefits.

Don’t forget safelists are online marketing tools . Like any other tool, the better you are at it, the better your results and profit potential. Safelists are a great marketing tool, but for Affiliates, it’s not beneficial to solely rely on them as your only marketing strategy. Safelists should be employed in conjunction with other marketing methods to really get the best out of your online business experience. What they will do is , give you an enormous amount of leads. The quality of your follow-up will depend on if they become your referral or just a passive customer.




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