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Persuasion Tactics:

These are techniques that are effective weapons of communication. There are many ways or vehicles that you can use to persuade someone to take certain actions; by phone, skype, face-to-face, conferences, emails, social sites,the list is endless. Persuade them to cross the hurdle!       


In order to succeed, we have two goals to attain:

  • To persuade a prospect to sign up with us immediately. Tell them the benefits of joining the program now because if they procrastinate, chances are they will be approached by someone else who is more aggressive in pursuing them.

  • To start taking action once they sign up. Develop a rapport with them from the beginning by sending a welcome email and continue to send follow-up emails on relevant topics and advice. Answer every question that they send to you professionally and without bias. Help them develop strategies, short-term and long-term goals. By building a rapport, chances are, they will look at you as a professional and take your advice. You have already won their trust!


Some pitches that you can use as part of the persuasion tactics In order to catch the interest and attention of your prospect, it is important for you to find a topic that is of interest to them, which will open the door for your suggestions and ideas:


    • Can you get online right now? Well I can show you how to make some money for free...check this out!


    • Did you know you can make money from your cell phone? (If they say "NO" you show them how, and if they say "YES" you ask them how. Either way you just opened up a conversation).


    • What if I gave you $15 in exchange for $10 would you do it? Ok, well I can show you a company that will do exactly that.


    • What if I could show you how to turn $5,000 into a six-figure annual income, would you be interested?


    • What if I could show you how to make money without recruiting one single person, would you be interested?


    • What if I could show you how to make a full-time income by working less than 5 minutes per day, would you be interested?


    • I make money every single day in my sleep; do you want to see how?


    • Right now, I'm making $______ per day. If I could show you how to do the exact same thing, would you be interested?


The best time to use these pitches are when you are with the prospect in person, but can also be used over the phone or even through instant messaging, such as Skype. The pitches are mainly examples to help you get ideas and have something to use as an outline. Make up your own!




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Yes, there are many great resources on this site - for Internet marketers and also for sales professionals.

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