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Most online money makers don't think in terms of expanding their business through Offline Marketing. Offline Marketing uses techniques and strategies that are based offline rather than online. These strategies include: classified ads, magazines, flyers, brochures, banners and business cards. Offline Marketing is still very much alive and we know this because television and print advertising are continuously on the rise. Marketers think that marketing should only be done online; however, this could be a mistake.

Offline Marketing Strategies

1. Business Cards:

Sample ad for business cards:


Don't Settle for...
Interest at a Bank!

Go to My Web Site: [Offline Marketing Site]

Enter My Sponsor ID: [Your Alternate Username]

Enter Bonus Code: [Your Tracking Code]



Alternative Text: Earn 1% Every Day, not 1% per Year!

[Offline Marketing Site] is found on this site under "Marketing Materials", and "Offline Marketing Site"

[Your Alternate Username] is found under your Membership Profile, called "Alternative Advertising Username" - enter something simple; for example, quickmoney or fastearnings - do this BEFORE you start advertising

[Your Tracking Code] can be added to the business card (in handwriting) to help you know where you left your business card


Marketing Tip: Make sure to place your business cards where they will be seen!

You can distribute your business cards to anyone you meet personally, socially, professionally or academically. The great thing about business cards is that you don’t have to mention your business, just casually give them to people when you are chatting with them. It’s important to have an eye-catching slogan, so your card will sell for you. Be sure to include all of your contact information on your business cards.

You can get 250 FREE business cards at http://www.vistaprint.com.


2. Flyers / Posters / Pamphlets

Flyers, posters and pamphlets are great because you can leave them in any public place where there is foot traffic. You can provide ‘Pull-Tabs’ at the bottom of your flyer, for example, that people can detach easily. Usually marketers put their contact info on them and allow the flyer or poster to do the selling for them.


3. Telephone Marketing – Telemarketing Tips

The first few seconds of a call are the most crucial! You should fill the first few seconds with as many ‘key words’ and phrases as possible to gain an immediate interest from the customer.

You may only get a chance to get out two or three sentences before the customer stops you to say they have no interest, so make them count.

Don’t assume they need something – this is very off putting. Instead, ask the question and explain how you can help.

However, before you start your telemarketing call, be sure that you can get their attention and interest as quickly as possible. Letting the phone call drag is wasting their time and especially yours.

Keep it Simple

You are more likely to succeed in your goal if the customer fully understands what you are offering or require. Consequently, keep your reason for calling clear and make sure that you can get to the point quickly (and effectively!).

There are dozens of other Offline Marketing strategies that you can use to get more visitors to your site. How they ultimately get there will be entirely up to you. How you design your page and showcase your offerings will be worth your careful deliberation. Offline Marketing is very powerful when used correctly.




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