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Just like building a home, building a business needs the right tools to create a strong foundation. With all of the options you have at your fingertips it can be a little overwhelming to know which tools work best.

The marketing team at Ad Click Xpress has created a variety of pre-made advertisements for you to easily promote to your prospects.
Whatever marketing method you prefer to use, you have to material to get the job done.

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Check back often! New approved, custom-made advertising are always being added to multiply your success!  


Be sure to check out the many ways to promote your business on the convenient EMG Resources page.





Comment By :tipmakingmoney

nice tools,awesome

Comment By :GetVeryRich

Great! Thanks!

Comment By :vongdok nancwat.T

its a good one

Comment By :Carmen Crespo

Gracias buenas herramientas

Replied By :: Admin

Thank you. You have good tools

Comment By :Yassine Darkaoui

Thanks Thanks Thanks

Comment By :Gilberto Alicea

Good information great way to keep advertising


hola ! me gustaria trabajar como promotora o comunity manager en vuestra compania! diana ! saludos desde RUMANIA!..........ADMIN TRANSLATION: hello! I would like to work as a promoter or manager in your company comunity! target! Greetings from Romania!............ADMIN REPLY: Thank you for your reply. We are currently not hiring at the moment but you can assist fellow Rumanians by signing up as a Global Representative here http://www.adclickxpress.com/home/global-rep/profile We reward those who help others!


I will like to glo in adclickxpress

Comment By :imeson chima

Hello, I Like To Be Reperesentative In My Country Nigeria.

Replied By :: Admin

Sounds great - submit your application here:



Comment By :cokicoki

Thanks acx good!!

Replied By :: Admin

Go Go Go!!

Comment By :Armando Chi

I have a feeling that this is going to be GREAT !!!

Replied By :: Admin

Yes, ACX is the best program to be promoting - it's the best program for everyone!

Comment By :Walt

can't find my link to promote

Replied By :: Admin

At ACX, we call promoting, "Sharing ACX" - simply click on the sidebar menu, "Make Money Sharing".

You can also find all your affiliate sites by clicking on "All Marketing Materials" in the section, "Your Affiliate Websites" in the sidebar menu.

Have fun with it!

Comment By :Grzegorz Szkudlarek

Looks really great ... Hello from Poland

Replied By :: Admin

Yes, and we will be doing much more to help you share ACX successfully!

Comment By :trustedmonitor

this is something complicated, the refer link for direct invitations to a friend is not found, guide is seeking!

Replied By :: Admin

Choose any of the affiliate websites to give your friend.

Comment By :Peco Nedanov

It's looks verry good

Replied By :: Admin

Yes, the concept is simple, but it can be lots of work for some people - but be happy, because you can do this all from home!

Comment By :Johnpaul Okoli

am finding things difficult here

Replied By :: Admin

Just keep reading - and then just try to follow the instructions - after a while, when you get some experience, you will see how easy everything is!

Comment By :Magbagbeola Matthew

In fact this tools are AMAZING,

Replied By :: Admin

This website and its tools are the result of years of comprehensive experience and marketing testing - this site can surely help you promote any business online.

Comment By :ivetta

Luxury project!I Love!

Replied By :: Admin

Thank you for your appreciative comments!

Comment By :iLcoin Vietnam

So great. Hello from Vietnam

Replied By :: Admin

Thank you also for your support!

Comment By :ojiegbe oliver

Let make same money life is good with money

Replied By :: Admin

Yes, money is not everything, but it sure helps!

Comment By :Esther Kamau

I have copied and pasted a social media banner to a group on facebook (MLM china), but it doesn't show my unique id. Where will the visitor click?

Replied By :: Admin

There are always two parts to a banner - the banner image and the url where the person who clicks on the banner should visit.

There is more specific information about how to post a banner at



Comment By :Arry Supriyadi

It's very amazing. Thank You :)

Replied By :: Admin

Thank you for your positive comments!

Comment By :Baek sujan

It is an honor to meet adclickxpress~

Replied By :: Admin

Yes, and thank you for being part of ACX!

Comment By :Luong thi Hai yen

Thanks ACX with love!

Replied By :: Admin

Thank you for the love - we love all the supporting members also!

Comment By :Rotimi Olajide

This is great and awesome... Hi there from Nigeria, would like to be a representative here

Replied By :: Admin

Thanks for your support - apply at http://marketing.adclickxpress.is/index.php/category/public/become-a-global-representative

Comment By :gregor jr

Hello ACX from Philppines! ACX, a very easy and nice tool to earn commission online... Mabuhay!

Replied By :: Admin

Welcome, and thank you for your positive comments!

Comment By :WILLIAMM

Excelente material, sugiero que las presentaciones en power point deben estar también en español porque tenemos problemas para exponer el negocio los que no sabemos el inglés

Replied By :: Admin

Contact one of our Global Representatives who speaks spanish for best results: http://www.adclickxpress.is/home/global-rep

Comment By :OLATUNJI

I will like to be promoter in Nigeria and other African continet, cause I have many friend world-wide, thanks for the oppourtunity.

Replied By :: Admin

We have a huge need for people who can help members in other languages other than English - please sign up to help at http://www.adclickxpress.is/home/global-rep


Hi friends kindly help me with the procedures to register a friend

Replied By :: Admin

Simply email your friend any of your affiliate web sites at http://www.adclickxpress.is/members/make-money-sharing/approved-advertising/affiliate-websites and ask them to sign up there!

Comment By :francis kariuki

this is the best online advertising company that i know of so far

Replied By :: Admin

Yes, you have found the Best of the Best in Advertising and Earning Success - Ad Click Xpress!!

Comment By :Mabvuto Phiri

This is great,Thank you.

Replied By :: Admin

Thank you for being a part of ACX - please contact our 24/7 Live Chat with your questions also!

Comment By :James Jeremiah

I was once apart of this when it was just been paid, I am happy I found ACX. I will make great income here. Thanks again.

Replied By :: Admin

Welcome back!

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