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Previous Live Marketing Training for all your advertising needs



Periodically there have been LIVE training sessions twice daily to assist all our members in their marketing efforts and help YOU earn a lot of money referring others who are passionate about reaching financial freedom as much as you do!


These LIVE training sessions were given by our top marketing expert, who shared his experiences and gave valuable advice on the best ways to promote your business in the most effective way.  


Be sure to visit the transcript page below that has been presented in the live training. These tips and marketing advice will REALLY change the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.


Daily Training - Coaching Room


Live Marketing Training Transcript


Are You Motivated to Promote?


Advertise Effectively


Where to Advertise


Share these links with your referrals to get them active promoting and making money doing it. And don’t forget to put ALL of the training into action and keep on promoting! Remember, the more traffic we receive, the healthier our system becomes and the more referral commissions for you!




Comment By :Aloys Uwizeyimana

Aloys UWIZEYIMANA I would like to know how I can get a session of marketing formation when I live in Bujumbura - BURUNDI....................ADMIN'S REPLY: Please attend the daily marketing sessions by following the instructions here http://www.adclickxpress.com/members/make-money-sharing/tell-us-how/emg-conference-calls/schedule_of_live_conference Make sure that you look out for the blinking "Live Conference Calls" button located at the top of your Dashboard, which shows that the session is going on!

Comment By :Veronica Dsouza

I would like to know how to get the information about how to use the 'ad tracking' about the ad tracking url, how is is done, unable to understand sample given.

Replied By :: Admin

If you just add &c=tracking_code to the end of your website, and then check


to see what happened.

That usually helps most people.

Comment By :MILAGI

W j?zyku Polskim, nie ma Liderów do pomocy i nie ma grup dyskusyjnych. Liderzy zrezygnowali ze wspó?pracy i sponsoringu. Nie ma si? kogo poradzi?. Dlatego chc? zosta? liderem i sponsorem na polskim rynku. Potrzebuj? pomocy, mo?e kto? z obecnych LIDERÓW, zna J?zyk Polski i móg?by mi pomóc w tym programie ACX ?

Replied By :: Admin

You should be able to find someone to help in your language at


Comment By :Timothy mason

How do you place your own personal ad?

Replied By :: Admin

There are many places to place ads, and every place you place an ad has different rules - so at first, it seems complicated to promote your business online.

But with practice, it will get easier and easier.

Simply try to follow the instructions you see on each website, the best you can.

You will fail sometimes, but without failing, success might never come to you.

You can also look at the ads other people have posted, and follow their example, or even make your advertising better than theirs!

Good luck to you!

Comment By :ita kustyanti

Tolong bantu saya bagaimana cara memprogram dan cara pengiklanannya... terimakasih

Replied By :: Admin

Anytime you do not understand something, simply talk to one of our agents in Live Chat.

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