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This page is a transcript of the best content of some recent

live training conferences.




During this conference, I will try to say only the most important things you need to be successful promoting and not waste your time.

There is much we could talk about, but only a few things that really matter - that in itself is a very important concept, actually :)

With very limited knowledge of marketing you could already make thousands per week with ACX - it's true!

So I'll always try and steer the discussion to something that is helping the most people to marketing successfully

Anyone is welcome to ask questions about more advanced marketing topics, but I'd normally like to address things that concern EVERY promoter.

There will be no live speaker on the mic, so you can translate everything for yourselves - we have people from all over the world.

You can use a translator - I use http://translate.google.com - it works very well usually

You can also save this transcript for future use

There are so many topics we could cover today, but it would also be important to get your interaction, so please feel free to comment or as questions as we go along.

I'm in here at least twice a day, and soon there will be more like me - in fact anyone here who can do what I do is welcome to help out.

There are many things we could talk about, but we really need to try and cover the most important things - so people can start making money as soon as possible.

In the meantime: http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/emg/emg-updates - all updates to EMG members

These updates are packed with important information.

Keep in mind everyone, there are often people from competition websites that come in and intentionally disrupt our training - they normally get their accounts blocked when doing so.

The newest news - in the latest EMG update - Revenue was great this past week - looks like we have more people promoting ACX effectively :)

We just had our best week at ACX in 2014 - so we have much to be looking forward to, but only if this trend continues.

This means that members are "getting it", at least some of them.

And enough members "get it", ACX has the potential of breaking some huge revenue records.

But does that mean we won't have any more XpressShifts now?

No, XpressShifts will always be a part of ACX - we can only delay them for as long as possible.

If we don't keep promoting ACX, even after we've reached our personal goals, ACX will again pay slowly, and an XpressShift will have to be done

So, what do you do after you think you're earning enough money in ACX?

Right, keep on promoting, so you referrals can also get the earnings they were expecting :)

We will probably keep saying this every time you visit this room - it's very important.

Important Marketing Tip: Most methods of advertising work, so use the method you feel comfortable with.

If you feel comfortable calling people, do that - if you like traffic exchanges, do that.

But just don't call 2 people per day. And just don't post in one traffic exchange.

There are several popular and smart people who claim, "Don't sell yourself short when doing something you think is important" or "It could take you 10 times to start up a business before you succeed." Or "Don't send out 10,000 E-mails when you advertise each day, try and send out 10x that".

You get the idea though...

In any case it's important to spend 90% of your time advertising So if you spend 2 hours per day on your ACX business, spend at least 1 1/2 hours or more advertising.

Which reminds me of a very important question:

If you do NOT read (and believe) the E-mails that ACX Management send you each day, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN ACX?

The answer is: you will not.

ACX management is trying its best to make ACX a huge success, but if members do not follow the simple instructions to make money, they will simply NOT be successful in ACX. So do your best to read (and believe) all the updates from ACX. Here's something else for successful marketers:

Every marketer should be asking themselves on a daily basis the question, "What skill can I learn to help me promote more effectively and make more sales?"

Everyone has things in their business that need to be improved, and I do also.

So work on getting those needed skills - being in this room could certainly help :)

But still spend 90% of your time looking for new referrals. Because that is the quickest way to make money in ACX. And it helps ACX be more successful for everyone else, too, not just you :)

There are many ways to advertise online, and some could be better than what I recommend, but the methods I teach are very good for just about anyone, because they get results fast.

Learn them at http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/public/advertise-effectively

This live training course, "How to Advertise Effectively" will you understand how to be successful promoting any program.

I don't teach this live in this room anymore, but you can review it yourself, and come back and get your questions answered in this room. But there are also other ways you can help ACX be successful

Review the other 5 ways at http://www.adclickxpress.com/members/all-emg-members

You have everything that you need at ACX - the best program possible, and instructions on how to promote it effectively - that can make you a lot of money, but you have to take action.

Which happens to be another great topic.

There are some pretty simple tasks at ACX that people can do to make money.

But if people don't do them - they will make NO MONEY at all.

There are two basic ways to make money at ACX.

Buy advertising - the more you buy, the more money you make or the second way:

Find other people who buy advertising at ACX.

Are there any ways I missed?

No, there are no other ways currently!

Anyone else think of something?

ACX sells advertising.

And we pay affiliates to help us find people who want to buy advertising.

That is the basic business model.

Okay, the topic was, "You need to follow simple steps to make money in ACX"

Not just learn what the steps are. But actually carry out the steps.

We had a guy in here today - he said, "I've been advertising ACX daily for 3 months, and I didn't get anyone to sign up yet."

I asked him, "Were you using the ad tracking codes that are taught in the training, Advertise Effectively?"

He said, "I don't need to do that - I know how to promote."

End of story - this guy could not follow the simple steps need to promote effectively - so he did not have success.

YOU can be different - simply follow the steps ACX management teaches, and you have great chances of being successful in ACX.

90% of sales is attitude - if you don't feel motivated, you won't be effective.

So please feel free to come to this room, anytime you don't feel motivated to advertise ACX - we'll give you a "pep talk" and send you back out advertising.

You can even come in under a different name each time, so we won't know you are always discouraged ;)

The situation will NEVER change - we need to keep promoting ACX any which way we can, to keep the system healthy.

You can also do other tasks to help ACX become successful.

Do you want to help ACX be Successful?

Simply do any and all of the 5 tasks at http://www.adclickxpress.com/members/all-emg-members

Choose any of the 5 tasks you can do today, and it will help ACX pay forever.

For example, if we just have 3 people doing task number 5, we'd be much more successful combating negativity online about ACX. I could do it single handedly myself, but three people could do a much better job.

It doesn't take much of a sales force at ACX to make a huge difference - but we must do the job effectively, and with passion. But don't wait until tomorrow - do something to help ACX NOW - many people are just waiting for money to drop out of the sky, or fall from the money tree.

There is no money tree - some members have to promote ACX, so others can just collect daily sales commissions.

And we want to keep up the great momentum we have going currently!

We just published a new affiliate web site for everyone to use - on the Ad System side under http://adclickxpress.com/members/make-money-sharing/approved-advertising/affiliate-websites

http://www.adclickxpress.com/?r=admin&p=immd - be sure to put your own username instead of "admin".

And new affiliate websites normally work better than older ones, so start using this new one for best results - when you are looking for people who want to make money online.

You also have an unlimited number of web sites you can choose from in the Media System.

Use the power of funny images to attract referrals.

More details at http://www.adclickxpress.com/members/media/share-media

I personally love this method.

But you really should tell people to spend their money on the Ad System side currently, especially if they sign up on the media side - it pays much faster currently.

Sales and marketing is very exciting, but only if you are having a little success doing it. :)

So it's very important that we help you be successful promoting quickly; otherwise it will be a waste of your time and you won't make any money and just quit.

So learn everything in the "Advertise Effectively" training, and start promoting successfully right away.


I've volunteered to be here to help YOU, so feel free to ask your questions.

I've been advertising business opportunities online for over 10 years, so please learn from me. And before that I was in sales, online and offline for decades - I learned from some great sales people. I've seen lots of sales systems, and ways to make money, and that's why I'm proud to say, ACX is the best opportunity for everyone.

And I've made way over $100,000 with the same system that ACX uses - actually withdrew and spent the money on my family.

Marketing Tip: Advertise and advertise, for hours and hours - as long as you can stand it :)

Then take a 5 minute break.

Then advertise and advertise, all over again, until you can't stand it :).

It's the fastest way to make money there is.

And it's your job as a marketer for ACX - we need you to do this.

And ACX pays you well - we even give you preferred withdrawals.

So you could withdraw this money you make promoting by tomorrow!

We're planning on bringing out a follow-your-sponsor TeamBuilder system soon - it will enable you to sign up your whole team for the advertising tools and web sites you use.

Be ready for some big action - we'll probably have the largest directory of advertising resources on the Internet very soon, only for ACX members :)

Also, we'll soon be launching a member area chat system, much like that of Facebook.

You'll be able to dialog with any referrals and your sponsor.

Very important topic: Do NOT give up.

Especially at the beginning of your marketing training - it would be very easy to give up.

For some people, they understand what needs to be done in a few minutes - for others, it takes days, or even weeks.

But once you understand the most important things, and you "get it", you are all set - you can make money promoting all day long.

Then you don't need me, but you are welcome to come back and assist me to help others.

There are so many topics we could cover today, but it would also be important to get your interaction, so please feel free to comment or as questions as we go along.

Anyone have any success finding new referrals lately?

If not, then you must not be promoting effectively, or not all at :)

You cannot fool me :)

If you don't think you can start promoting yet, tell me what you think you need, so I can help

It's very important to just get started marketing - experience is very important in this business, so don't be afraid to make a few mistakes along the way.

But you have to do the advertising yourself - no one is going to do it for you :)

Maybe you should all watch a motivation video before you start promoting - some sales people do this at the beginning of every day :)

With just limited knowledge, you should be able to get 2-3 people signed up per day - that's what my students have been doing lately.

That's 60-90 new referrals per month! And you can make up to $1,000 per sale from each referral.

It's important to realize that you don't need any money at all to make thousands per week at ACX. You can change your current financial situation by sharing ACX with others - you need absolutely no money to get started.

In fact, everyone needs to take advantage of their situation.

If you have money to spend, then spend it on advertising in ACX.

If you have no money, then learn how to promote and make thousands that way.

Some people have NO Internet access - if you have Internet access, take advantage of your situation and make the best of it, by promoting ACX to others.

So if you hear someone say they don't have any money to spend, send them to this room - we'll train them to make money, for you and for them. Actually, I love to work with people who have no money - they have no choice other than to help us promote ACX :)

Many, many people have no money to spend on advertising in ACX, but they have a great opportunity to make thousands by selling advertising to others. You can make an unlimited amount of money online, if you just advertise ACX - you only need an Internet connection.

ACX gives you that ability to change your financial situation - it provides you very high commissions, and the system is indefinitely sustainable.

So your referrals will not lose any money they spent on advertising - everyone gets back more than they spend, up to 300%

It's true - review the compensation plan for details.

I also want to direct everyone's attention to what makes ACX better:


ACX is a fantastic opportunity for everyone!

Also, when you promote, the referrals you find today for ACX will be yours forever - you can even ask them to sign up for other programs and advertising tools. So you can make money from referrals in hundreds of different programs over time.

That's why you always hear, "Can I give you my link?"

Remember, we're planning on bringing out a follow-your-sponsor TeamBuilder system soon - it will enable you to sign up your whole team for the advertising tools and web sites you use. So over time, you can earn a lot of money from your referrals - they are also referred to as "your list"

And as you've probably heard, "It's all in the list"

It's not that complicated - just save the contact information of everyone you come in contact with :)

There's a good contact manager in the member area for that - I use it also: http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/public/contact-manager

Very interesting to note: I started with almost no money of my own, and made over $100,000 with the same system ACX is using. Obviously I am a believer in ACX because of this. And there are many others who know that ACX can work well, given the right circumstances.

What are the right circumstances? It's simple, enough members need to promote and support ACX, so that XpressShifts are seldom and withdrawal requests are paid quickly.

And that's exactly what we teach in this room - see http://www.adclickxpress.com/members/all-emg-members for what you need to do to help

Think of all the people worldwide who have practically no money! They've got it made in ACX, if they can come to realize it, follow the simple steps, and starting promoting ACX to others.

I'm not talking about people who spend money to make back more money. I'm talking about all the people who have no real income, but they know how to work a computer.

The potential is enormous!

So that's the way many of us have to proceed with ACX, because we start with no money.

Welcome to the ACX "No Money" Club :)

That might just be a great way to attract people to ACX - "Join us today, and we'll show you how to turn $0 into thousands"

You can also tell your referrals that - "Sorry you don't have any money to spend - join our team and learn how to make thousands from the money of other people."

Then give them the link to join the Elite Marketing Group. And put the link to the Elite Marketing Group in your welcome E-mail, in case your referral is an experienced promoter.


So by now, everyone should be so excited about promoting ACX, that you are just not paying attention anymore, and placing ads while I'm training, right?

Marketing Tip: While everyone is complaining about something online, you can earn very good money, just by following simple steps and sharing ACX with others.

If you haven't had a chance to participate in the training session, "How to Advertise ACX Effectively" at http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/public/advertise-effectively

This live training transcript has been taught in this room several times - I believe it to be extremely important for everyone to know - beginner or expert. Important thing to realize: ACX is a program that provides you the opportunity to make a lot of money promoting - other programs pay pennies on the dollar for your promotion efforts.

Make up to $1,000 per sale in ACX.

Other programs only pay members who promote - MLM and affiliate programs. But in ACX, everyone makes money. But in order to do that (pay everyone), there need to be enough hard-working promoters.

Without enough members promoting, ACX pays slowly, and XpressShifts happen too often. But with a team of motivated marketers, ACX can pay withdrawals within 24-48 hours for months and months.

That's why we invited you here :)

And if you didn't hear the news - this past week, ACX promoters are doing great! :)

And when more people are promoting ACX, it actually HELPS your promotion efforts!

Super Important Marketing Tip:

It is most important for you to spend 90% of your time looking for new signups.

Not learning how to promote or researching how to promote.

Not creating a blog, fan page or website.

But simply advertising - placing your ads, which drive visitors to your ACX website, blog or website. In fact, your next referral could easily make you a $100 commission, right?

Okay, so 90% of your time, contact prospects for your business - be disciplined to do that and you will notice a huge improvement in sales. Again, that does NOT mean getting ready to advertise - it means actually posting ads and sending E-mails; otherwise known as advertising :)

End of "Super Important Marketing Tip"

Okay, the following is what you can do when you're taking a "break" from advertising :)

As in the Sales Manager Letter, you can also post positive information about ACX where you see negative, or contact existing referrals or come to this room.


But you'll probably make the most money if you ADVERTISE ACX all day long.

Effectively, of course :)

Do I need to say more? :)

Here's a related, important Sales Tip: If you are having trouble convincing the people you are talking to now, look for new people If you have significant sales experience, you understand this concept already.

The Internet has millions of people looking for the right place to make money - you just need to find them by advertising your so-called "URL" or "Affiliate Website"

And the more advertising you sell to others, by sharing ACX, the more money you will make. In fact, if you follow the steps we teach in the "Marketing Effectively" training, you could make your first cash in minutes from now

Hey, it's true :)

And you could get paid your withdrawal 24-48 hours later, for that work you did, finding referrals who bought ACX

Advertising, right?

ACX is so easy :)

If you try and figure out exactly how ACX works, it will take you months - even many people on ACX staff do not understand exactly how the system works! So simply spend all your time doing what you need to do to make the most money - buying advertising and finding other people who buy advertising.

By the way, thanks for being here today - remember, everyone needs a sales manager - even if you are in charge, you'll still need someone to give you advice to run your business. Actually most of you are "in charge" of your own business, at home, right?

I'm happy to be that person, so take full advantage of my sale and marketing knowledge and experience today.

Promoting has a lot to do with being motivated to do something - for example making more money for your family

Marketing Tip: If you know how to promote, but you don't - you will make nothing.

You can learn for months about how to promote, but if you never share your ACX web site with anyone, you won't make one cent promoting.

So when you leave this room, do what you need to do to promote ACX - that's how you make the money in ACX. Here are the instructions, where you should start: http://www.adclickxpress.com/members/all-emg-members

Blueprint to Success for those people with NO MONEY:

1) Share ACX with FREE advertising websites (safelists, classified ads, social media)

2) Then use your earnings to buy ad packages and paid advertising

You have the best business opportunity online - you can make up to $1,000 per sale of advertising ACX

I have done that many times.

And if you learn how to advertise ACX, you will know how to advertise any business opportunity - you are set for life. Think about that one - set for life - you can advertise any program after you have understood the simple steps we teach in this room.

With enough promotion going on to support ACX, everyone gets paid for months and months without an XpressShift ever happening - it's our job to make this happen. So don't feel guilty about taking 10% commissions from your efforts - the company gets to keep 85% :) (to pay back to members, of course).

Interesting page: Where Does The Company Spend Money?


For those of you who were not able to read the latest EMG update, we had a very positive week last week - lots of revenue.

Yes, I've been keeping my fingers crossed for weeks, hoping that we make a breakthrough, and now it appears that it might just happen, looking at last week’s results :)

In the past, we have 1-2 very good days of revenue, and then revenue drops again.

But not this past week :)

Let's all do our best to make sure the revenue this coming week grows also. If we can keep up the momentum, even if it's fairly small each week, we can delay the next XpressShift significantly.

We just need to keep working - no one is allowed to stop promoting, and we need a few new promoters each week - that's it :)

We need to all keep doing all we can, to increase the membership and revenue at ACX each week. More promotion at ACX increases the time between XpressShifts and keep daily withdrawals happening quickly.

XpressShifts are very discouraging for many - that's why we need to promote extra hard, to prevent them from happening too often.

We've made some significant improvements to the EMG Resources page - where you can get a good start, on where to advertise ACX:


Advanced promoters might also benefit from these directories, if they have not seen them yet. Advertising effectively has a lot to do with WHERE you advertise, so this page might really help some members.

We also have some new FAQs that can help you help your referrals:


They will help you overcome the objections of your referrals also.

They are posted on the "What's New" pop-up when your referrals log in, but keep in mind, many people don't log in anymore, sometimes for months after an XpressShift. So stay in contact with your referrals via E-mail, so they don't miss anything that might bring them back to ACX.

There are also two VERY GOOD, new affiliate web sites you can use to attract advertisers - and matching banners.


The new affiliate sites are to attract advertisers - keep in mind our prime advertising is very effectively, up to 5x as effective as other types of online advertising. should start using these new affiliate sites immediately - they will significantly help your advertising efforts.

There is a special ad for advertisers in the "Advertise Effectively" training

http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/public/advertise-effectively - here is the full live training transcript

Very Important Business Tip:

Advertising is key to any business.

Without being able to advertise effectively, you can have the best website on the Internet, and you won't sell anything. In fact, I recently talked to a friend of mine - he spent tens of thousands of dollars on a new web site, for about 6 months - and the web site has produced not one sale.

Keep in mind, what we are teaching in this room will help you for the rest of your life - gives you the ability advertise any business online.

If you haven't had a chance to participate in the training session, "How to Advertise ACX Effectively"


Another Marketing Tip:

Sometimes you will try and place an ad on a new site you found - but you cannot get it to work

Maybe the sites says, "URL is not allowed" or "No Business Opportunities at this site" or "No SCAM sites allowed to be posted at this site."

You are simply at the wrong advertising website - just move on and find another new site to advertise at.

There are thousands and thousands of places to advertise ACX online - go find them, and then be proud you found them.

Of course, track your results, like at http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/public/advertising-management

Important Sales Tip: If you are home, advertise online - if you are on the road, pass out business cards (leave them where people will find them) wherever you go.

Another important Sales Tip:

Be your prospect's friend

When you contact them, don't just yell at them with information you think is exciting - be their friend and try to help them earn money online. Keep in mind that MOST people are completely overwhelmed and give up when trying to make money online.

Many have a lot of trouble just signing up at your web site - due to simply not being able to follow simple instructions.

That's right, many people are not able to follow the simplest of instructions.

Maybe they have a lot of bills to pay, or a spouse yelling at them all the time, or screaming children to take care of - or they just don't read and concentrate very well.

Or they just know everything better :)

Here's another reason to keep it simple - your referral might have limited knowledge of English. So keep your information short and simple - and be your prospect's friend.

Next sales tip:

  • Follow up with your referral immediately after they sign up at your website, and every 3 days thereafter.

  • Keep the first E-mail (welcome E-mail) very short - just offer your assistance (they probably need it.)

If you choose NOT to stay in contact with your referrals, some other offer online will get their interest and you will lose them.

Keep in mind, there are many offers out on the web, and they all say, "This is the easiest way to make lots of money"

Next important point:

Your Referral will either get what they want right away, or they will simply stop reading E-mails from the company (ACX, for example)

So YOU need to follow up with them every few days, especially when something big happens at ACX, which you think might help them. They will read YOUR E-mails, at least until they notice you are not offering what they need - they will not read yours either.

So try to offer what you think they need - and be their friend, so they keep reading your E-mails.

Okay, that's all for this training - does anyone have any questions?

It's a lot of information, but after a while, it will all make perfect sense, and you won't make many fundamental mistakes anymore :)

If you should ever have to leave this room early, or you just want to learn on your own, then just do the 5 tasks in http://www.adclickxpress.com/members/all-emg-members

Another thing you can do is to read all the E-mails you are receiving in the Message Center on your dashboard - and believe what they say :)

That will keep you up to speed as to what is happening at ACX, and will help you be successful

These are the best instructions we have for you as a marketer, to help ACX be a complete success.

And then come to this room to ask your questions.



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