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Link Cloaker:

The main function of a link cloaker is to hide a referral URL, which in turn, protects your username while effectively will hide what is sometimes an unattractive ending of referral links.

Important: Use a Link Cloaker AFTER you use an Ad Tracking Code.



It's a good practice, used by all Marketing Guru's, to cloak your url with a free, popular cloaker fro m websites such as www.tinyurl.com and www.bitly.com to shorten your existing link, which will redirect back to your site or your affiliate url.


FACT: The statistical success rate of a cloaked link over an uncloaked link is a vigorous 70% Higher Number of Visitors!


Some link cloakers, like www.tinyurl.com also give you the ability to name the end of the link, customizing your affiliate urls for more attractive and secure advertising.





Comment By :damacia rodriguez morales

me gustaria que pusieran videos para hacer codigos de seguimiento, o personalizar.el URL. paso a paso,porque muchas personas no tenemos mucho conocimiento en computadoras, y estamos estancados,porfavor necesitamos ayuda.............ADMIN'S TRANSLATION: I would like to put video codes to follow, or personalizar.el URL. step by step, because many people do not have much knowledge in computers, and are stuck, need help please............. ADMIN'S REPLY: Thank you for your comment. We will try to improve our communications tool to cater to those who are truly new to online programs.

Comment By :asep gunawan

step bye step ok

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