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Lead Generator:

A marketer's list is probably his most valuable  asset.

A Lead Generator System can bring you a multitude of leads, building your list of targeted prospects.



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Build your list of prospects with a good Lead Generation Program - it should have the superior ability to convince them to sign up and make money online.

Leadskimmer can substantially help grow your list with just a few simple steps.

Leadskimmer has a built-in ad tracking code system that greatly increases your ability to determine where you have the most advertising success. It even includes a significant income generating component for a low one-time fee.

For example, when your prospects sign up for LeadSkimmer, you can use the sample email below and include an additional product or service you are promoting.


"Hi Joe,

Thank you for signing up under me in LeadSkimmer.

I think you will agree that Leadskimmer is fantastic for finding new prospects.

Here is my favorite business opportunity, which I highly recommend that you investigate today:

[Your Affiliate Website].

Please feel free to sign up and ask me any questions you might have.

[Your full contact details]"




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