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The Ad Click Xpress Elite Marketing Group (EMG) is a group of leaders or soon to become leaders where the most active, motivated, energetic and passionate Ad Click Xpress members meet. If you are looking to make a lot of money as well as help many others do the same then keep reading because you are the person that we are looking for!

Our goal is to help create Top Promoters and Top Earners in Ad Click Xpress which will ultimately lead to more members joining each and every day which means MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!!

Help others build a business by telling them about us. By helping others, you are paving a highway towards their Success and Yours! Get all the inside tips and techniques that the professionals use. Everything is free and informative.


Click on the shield logo on the left  to join The Elite Marketing Group now.


If you are already an EMG member, please click HERE to see the Tips & Tricks, EMG Resources, Marketing Tools and so much more valuable information that has been made available to YOU!


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Comment By :Tracy Carter

I'm ready to learn!

Comment By :Nancy Johnson

I love this website

Comment By :Francis

hope to find some time and follow some conferences and learn

Comment By :zaib gee

read for the work

Comment By :Sunil Agate

I am ready to learn

Comment By :valentina nikitina

read for the work

Comment By :Efren Racelis

I'm ready to increase my fund


I am interested

Comment By :Mapida Ishaya Maspalma

time to learn and fund

Comment By :ayu lestari halimah

im ready to learn

Comment By :Beauty Kunene

beauty kunene im ready to learn

Replied By :: Admin

Thank you for visiting the site. Take some time in going through all the material presented here. It will be great for you to start by reading the transcript from our Daily Marketing Training - http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/public/live-training Also, feel free to ask our Sales Manager any marketing-related questions here http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/emg/ask-your-sales-manager

Comment By :Beauty Kunene

im ready to learn

Comment By :shafayat rabu

i am ready to learn.how can i earn this site?

Replied By :: Admin

Hi, You can learn about how to market your ACX business by going to this page. http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/public/live-training

Comment By :Kenton Johnson

I'm ready to learn more


without learning it is imposible to earn. but who learn us and when.we need exelent plateform, i thing this site may be that one


ok then lets learn together.

Comment By :kimo123

I'm ready to learn more

Comment By :zionicx skalybart

i lake and i love......best progr

Comment By :mayowa Babatunde


Comment By :Recep Faruk Guven

I am ready to learn


Berjuang tersus dan bekerjalah dengan optimis penuh percaya diri, jangan pernah menyerah bagi anda yang pernah mengalami kegagalan dalam dunia bisnis apapun terutama bisnis online, karena kami>>> Elite Marketing Group (EMG) adalah sekelompok pemimpin atau segera untuk menjadi pemimpin di mana anggota Ad Click Xpress paling aktif dan menciptakan banyak uang, GO PREEDOM.


Saya akan terus berjuang bersama EMB (ELITE MARKETING GROUP) Berilah saya ilmu profesional... GO PREEDOM> from: Bella silvia.

Comment By :Annie

I have been with this over five year still struggled with them since couldn't hear on audio. Hope anyone who host will use Webinar or Gomeeting better for me.

Replied By :: Admin

All training is in writing, so you can review it as often as you want.

And if your primary language is not Enlish, you can also translate it with



Comment By :abass kandel

I am ready to learn

Comment By :Rajesh Goswami

i am interested to earn but have no idea what to do...

Replied By :: Admin

There are basically two ways to earn money with the Power 300 System:

1) Spend money on advertising

2) Find others who spend money on advertising


Comment By :bendel

I want to know about this

Replied By :: Admin

Ad Click Xpress has many wonderful things going on.

The best way to get involved is to simply read what we present on the website, and do what we recommend.

If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by the live question and answer conference calls or contact our support department at


Comment By :Benjamin Mangali

Since I have registered I have never had a clear understanding of what is required of me, it has been a trial and error. As I deed not have a sponsor how do I get the necessary training. So that I can move forward in all aspects of Acx programme. I am keen in getting to marketing. Please help

Replied By :: Admin

Thank you for your feedback - we are doing out best, but everyone is different, so it's hard to make a perfect system.

The best strategy is to review the web site, all you can - and then stop by the daily live conference calls to get your questions answered.

You can also contact our support department.

Comment By :Mohammadullah

Awesome system................

Replied By :: Admin

Thank you - yes it is!

Comment By :Nomthandazo Sabela

hellooo guys please help ,I am left far behind now I was a member of PC, how is adclick working now

Replied By :: Admin

Welcome back - click on "Getting Started" on the ACX Dashboard to get up to speed quickly.

Comment By :khai roma

siap untuk bergabung

Replied By :: Admin

Sounds great - welcome aboard!

Comment By :Mohammadullah

i love this site...............

Replied By :: Admin

Great, so feel free to make money telling others!

Comment By :Mohammadullah

Awesome . system..........

Replied By :: Admin

Thanks, so now it's time for you to make lots of money by sharing ACX with others!

Comment By :Hiroko OOishi

I have been a member at ACX since JBP. I beleive that ACX is the best Online Money-Making system and indefinitely sustainable . I am very happy at ACX and share the profitable business opportunity with other members.

Replied By :: Admin

Thank you for being on our team!

Comment By :iwo

I am ready to learn

Replied By :: Admin

Welcome aboard!

Comment By :mohamed haisouss

i love and like this system

Replied By :: Admin

Yes, thank you - we all love ACX.

And ACX works best if everyone learns how to make the most money with the system - including studying the compensation plan and doing what we recommend that you do each day.

Comment By :Ivone alves da silva arau

Hi, I'm loving ACX ... All this for me .. I need to learn more to explore more of what the system has to offer .. Ivone...

Replied By :: Admin

Yes, the world of making money at home is very exciting, and ACX makes it very easy!

Comment By :Davida

Admin do we have chat room here where u can meet affiliates and chat with them?

Replied By :: Admin

That's a good question.

But the negative people would ruin everyone's fun, just like they do in many other chat rooms online - being anonymous is very powerful for negative people.

You can meet in several other chat rooms online, but be aware, it will probably not be very rewarding nor helpful in your quest to earn money, due to what I mentioned above.

For the reasons above, I cannot see a live chat room coming to ACX anytime soon.


awesome Plan i love .......................this site

Replied By :: Admin

Thank you for your positive comments - we are doing our best to make everyone's experience the best possible!

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