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You will need to equip yourself with the right tools and techniques that will MAKE SURE your marketing efforts WORK.


Ad Tracking Tools: These tools are used to test the effectiveness of your referral URLs by keeping track of which websites are getting the most hits. This will help you determine which ones are working well and even which media is bringing you the traffic that you desire. To learn more about Ad Tracking Tools, CLICK HERE.


URL Cloaker: A cloaker's main function is to hide a referral URL, which in turn, protects your username and sometimes, hide unattractive referral links at the end of a website. You can cloak your url with a domain name or use free popular cloaker websites. To learn more about URL Cloakers, CLICK HERE.


Lead Generator: A marketer's list is probably his most valuable asset. A Lead Generator System can bring you a multitude of leads, building your list of targeted prospects. To learn more about Lead Generators, CLICK HERE.


Contact Manager: This is an essential tool that allows you to interact with your list by communicatiing with them on a regular basis or whenever you need to e-mail ALL your contacts quickly. To learn more about Contact Managers, CLICK HERE.


Follow-ups: Once you have a list of names from people who have opted-in to receive email from you, it is important that you follow up with them immediately for a period of time (7-10 follow-up emails) to remind them to sign up and give them valid reasons for doing so.To learn more about Follow-Ups, CLICK HERE.


Persuasion Tactics: In this context, these are tactics are applied to convince readers to sign up. Some research shows a person needs to be shown the same link at least 7 times before he will even consider clicking on it. To learn more about Persuasion Tactics, CLICK HERE.


Advertising Management: Don't forget to track all of your marketing efforts to ensure that you get the best results every time! Keep a record of how each one of your ads performs on a daily or weekly basis. To learn more about managing your advertising, CLICK HERE.


Do NOT Spam: Remember, spamming is strictly forbidden by Ad Click Xpress , according to our Terms of Service. To learn more about spamming, CLICK HERE



Be sure to check out the many ways to promote your business on the convenient EMG Resources page.

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Comment By :nkimble

Where are the banners located 460x60

Replied By :: Admin

You can find banners of all sizes here: http://www.adclickxpress.com/members/make-money-sharing/approved-advertising/banners

Comment By :Mapida Ishaya Maspalma

am not clear on how to fill the banner size and url

Replied By :: Admin

To add and publish a banner on the ACX Prime Advertising Banner Xchange located here: http://adclickxpress.com/members/prime-advertising Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Upload Your Ad - Choose Full-page, Banner or Text Ad: Submit AD ........

Step 2: Wait for Approval and Current Price to place your Ad............

Step 3: Check Your Ad Wallet balance - Add funds if necessary: Fund Now......... Click on Title/Description below to see your Uploaded Ad You will need a title or description, an image url and a destination link, then click SUBMIT.

Comment By :Alpheus Segalagala

1.how to find a tracking code ?

Replied By :: Admin


Just add the special characters &c= to the end of your link and then, anything you create will be your tracking code.

For example:

My affiliate link: http://www.adclickxpress.com/?r=admin&p=aa

Special characters: &c=

A tracking code I create: myhomebiz

When adding the above tracking code to this link, it would then look like:



To read more about tracking codes, please see:




Comment By :Cheryl Cartwright

Where is my affiliate link?

Replied By :: Admin

All ACX Marketing Materials are located at 


under the button, "Marketing Materials".


Comment By :Priscilla Hassell

It's not easy for myself...do not know what to do really. Where do i put banners? That is just one of my questions...

Replied By :: Admin

The beginning is a little difficult for some people, but as soon as you get you get to a certain point in your learning, it's all very easy - don't give up!

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