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Follow Ups:

Following up with your prospects once they have opted into your list is crucial in ensuring that they have been given sufficient information and a reminder to sign up with you on your chosen program.

Research shows that a person needs to look at a program at least 7 times before he or she will decide to be a part of it.













This is why autoresponders are important in your follow-up strategy - sending out up to 10 or 11 emails, not just to "hard sell" to your prospects but also to provide relevant and important information that is beneficial to their well-being.

People who think you are constantly selling something are likely to stop reading your emails and unsubscribe to your list. Establishing trust and rapport is crucial in ensuring that they stay with you for a long time, following you on your financial journey, should you choose to share with them in the future.

Basic rules to effective email writing:

  • The subject line should be professional, thought-provoking, humorous (sometimes) and 

    sincere. Avoid misleading phrases such as "You have won $100 in....", Be creative!

  • Be brief. You have only a few seconds to catch your reader's attention. Keep it short and to the 

    point. Once they lose interest, they are gone.

  • A call to action. Unless the message is just to provide information, it is important that you direct 

    them to take the next course of action, which is to click on your intended link and sign up. This 

    link should be included more than once (for effectiveness), placed strategically throughout the 

    email content. Without a call to action, your email will end up in the trash bin and forgotten.

  • Create and focus on the need. Be clear and concise when explaining why your prospects need 

    to sign up now. List the benefits and why it will appeal to them. Overcome their possible 

    objections. For instance, they may resist because......


Excuse     : I don't want to sell anything.
Solution   : In that case, you will LOVE [your program] because you are not required to sell anything to make money!  

Excuse     : I don't have any money to start with.
Solution   : It's FREE to join and you can make a lot of money without spending any of your own - they teach you how.


Excuse     : I don't know how to promote / I don't want to promote.
Solution   : It's OK because you are not required to sponsor or recruit anyone in order to get paid - you just need to do the following steps to get paid.


Excuse     : I don't have any time to work the business!
Solution   : You'll be happy to know it takes less than 5 minutes per day to make money. In fact, you don't even have to log in to earn money with [your program].


As you can see, there is a viable solution to every excuse! Show confidence in your follow up strategy and be persistent. Don't spam your prospects or new referrals or use abusive language if they don't respond to you. You are better off searching for new prospects who are more willing to take action if given the chance.

Here are some sample emails that you can use to send to your newly registered referrals to assist them in getting started.




Subject: {firstname}, this is {Sponsor’s name}. Welcome to my Team!


Hello {firstname},


First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m _______,

your Sponsor in [your program]. I’m really thrilled that

you have decided to come aboard and start your journey

to improve your financial situation with me today. :)


As you log into the Dashboard for the first time, you

may be overwhelmed with all the information that you

find in there. Not to worry!


Take all the time you need to go through all the pages in
your Member Area at

[login URL]


I am here to help you in any way that I can. You can

contact me by:






All the best in your money-making venture!


[Your Name]

Come back often as we will be adding a variety of emails for your to share with you team.





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