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Daily ACX Marketing Training

This page is a transcript of the best content of

some recent live training conferences.




Hi Everyone, It's time for another ACX Marketing Training Session :)

Learn how to advertise effectively and make up to $1,000 per sale with Ad Click Xpress :)

Only Elite Marketing Group Members will be notified via E-mail, but all members can see the flashing conference button in the member area.

Feel free to help out someone, if you think you can.

Not many people in here yet? Just relax - by the time the training is over, there will be many more - that's always the
way it is. :)

And over time, we should get hundreds of people in this room, but for now, we'll just have to do quality training with
the few who are "ready to go".

Thanks everyone, for taking some time out of your busy day to work on your promotion skills - I'm happy to be here to
answer your questions.

You have every reason to learn how to promote better, and ACX needs your help, as well as your existing referrals.

If you should ever have to leave this room early, or you just want to learn on your own, then just do the 6 tasks in

Another thing you can do is to read all the E-mails you are receiving in the Message Center on your dashboard - click on
the button, "Message Center".

Also take advantage of the marketing training sessions at

The most important information we've covered in previous live marketing training conferences can be found there.

And here's how you promote ACX successfully - in a nutshell

Just advertise your affiliate web sites, as taught at

AFTER you review how to advertise effectively, there are several methods you can use, many outlined at

But do this only AFTER you review the training, http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/public/advertise- effectively

Because it's very important to know the fundamentals of advertising effectively before you just go out and burn lots of
bridges and wasting lots of valuable time.

And if you lack motivation to promote ACX, please refer to the live training at

You can also address any of your concerns here in this room - we'd all like to hear your comments - that's what we're
here for, to answer questions and help you be successful promoting.

And always keep in mind, it is YOUR responsibility to learn how ACX works and make money from it - no one can do it for you.

It's your business - ACX only provides you the automation system.

So when you are not in this room, and you are an ACX promoter, you have A LOT of WORK to do, if you want to make money :)

But we have provided you EVERYTHING you need to be successful.

So now it is up to you, to take advantage of your situation, and make as much money as possible.

Actually, if you are completely self-sufficient, I just gave you all the information you need to make an unlimited amount
of money at ACX :)

As you notice, we have everything in writing for you to review, again and again.

We do this mainly so that people from every language can benefit from the training.

If you are proficient in a language other than English,you have the ability to make a very good situation for anyone who
speaks your language by becoming one of our Global Representatives.

Here are the global representatives we have already for ACX - we're surely missing some language support -

And ACX will actually send you referrals who need help in your language.

Our successful global representatives create lots of web pages and other information in their own language about ACX.

You can even translate this training from today, and post it on your own site.

Now is a great time to get your questions answered - that's what we usually do in this room.

If you've been doing your homework, you probably have lots of questions about the training we provide you :)

Here's a question I have for everyone - Have you been getting good results promoting ACX lately?

If not, maybe you haven't been promoting effectively, or not at all :)

You can't fool me - I've been doing online promoting for over 10 years :)

It should be quite easy to get 2-3 new referrals per day.

Just follow the instructions of the "Advertising Effectively" training at

And if you need more methods to advertise, review the following link for some additional effective methods

Sometimes it's a good idea to just try some other methods in this training - like Leadskimmer and Reverse Advertising,
both talked about in this link.

And use any method you enjoy using to promote ACX - they basically all work if you do them correctly.

Just make sure you use the fundamental methods taught in "Advertise Effectively", like ad tracking codes and advertising

Otherwise, you are just going to get discouraged, because you are not organized, and you have NO IDEA where your efforts are worthwhile.

"Advertise Effectively" is my very best attempt to give you what you need to get started making money the quickest.


If you can understand everything in this training, you don't need me anymore, because you WILL be able to advertise
effectively. :)

And if you are advertising effectively, you are making money, for sure.

So please review it as often as you need, and then come to this room to ask your questions about it.

There are many ways to advertise online, and some could be better than what I recommend, but the methods I teach are very good for just about anyone, because they get results fast.

Again, you can review a lot of valuable marketing information at anytime - just go to

Feel free to study this information while you are in the conference today, and then ask your questions when you have

I'm in here at least twice a day, and soon there will be more like me - in fact anyone here who can do what I do is
welcome to help out and provide the membership some quality training.

But we really need to try and cover the most important things - so people can start making money as soon as possible - we owe it to the new people, who are just learning.

You can also refer to http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/emg/emg-updates - all updates to EMG members.

These updates are packed with important marketing information.

Many of them you receive by E-mail when you first become a member of the Elite Marketing Group.

If you want to be a part of our promotion team, make sure you are signed up for the Elite Marketing Group.

Sign up here: http://www.adclickxpress.com/members/make-money-sharing/elite-marketing-group

That will give you notification E-mails, so you won't miss any training sessions.

In fact, it's a great idea to put this link into the welcome E-mail you send to your new referrals, so they can start
promoting ACX immediately.

I'm the ACX Sales Manager, and I've volunteered to be here to help YOU, so feel free to ask your questions.

I've been advertising business opportunities online for over 10 years, so please learn from me.

I should know the answer to most any of your marketing questions - try me :)

I'm here to answer your questions while you review any links I have posted in the room thus far - please make good use of this time.

And please don't leave the room without believing you have all your questions answered so you can promote ACX effectively :)

Okay Everyone, what is holding you back from getting 2-3 referrals signing up every day for ACX - that should be a

question everyone asks themselves.

I challenge you to simply follow the steps in the "Advertise Effectively" training - that's all you need to do.


Then move on to http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/public/where-to-advertise-acx

And simply bombard the Internet with lots of effective advertising :)

The whole idea of this room is to help ACX promoters get their questions answered, so they can promote effectively.

Feel free to join us, to help speed up withdrawal requests - more promotion of ACX keeps the system paying faster with
XpressShifts less often.

ACX is not a get-rich-quick scheme - we depend on revenue to pay withdrawals - we all just need to keep working - no one is allowed to stop promoting, and we need a few new promoters each week - that's it :)

We need to all keep doing all we can, to increase the membership and revenue at ACX each week.

And as part of the Elite Marketing Group, you are directly responsible for the success of ACX

So please do what you can to make ACX successful.

The steps everyone should be doing are at http://www.adclickxpress.com/members/all-emg-members

So pick something today, and please get started - it all helps ACX be successful.

How is everyone doing? I'll be here for another 10-15 minutes still :)

How is everyone doing? I don't have much more time - does anyone have anymore questions about marketing today?

You can learn a lot by going to http://marketing.adclickxpress.com and click on "Live Training" and getting many of my
marketing tips and tricks.

That's right, this meeting is almost over, so get your questions answered, so you can go out there and get some new
business for ACX :)

Other ACX Members are counting on you to promote ACX so they can just collect the money when they view our advertiser's websites.

But we pay you well for your efforts :)

And you get your withdrawals of referral commissions first each day.

Okay, my time has run out - that's enough for this session - feel free to stay in the room whenever you are at your
computer, so you don't miss anything!

We'll announce the next session - I'll be back in here in about 11 hours probably.

Be watching your E-mails for when this room has a live training session in it - and watch for the blinking button in the

Feel free to come back each time we meet - every day 365 a year.

And bring your questions with you!

Try looking for training like we have in this room on YouTube or anywhere on the Internet - I already did - you won't
find it.

Note: If you keep checking into this room, even if you cannot be at a conference, you can log in later, and still read
what happened while you were gone, usually.

Thanks everyone! :)




Comment By :chey sokchan

good marketing .

Comment By :Rolfe Green

Hi, Is this AdClickXPress training under way?

Replied By :: Admin



Yes, the training takes place twice a day in our Conference Room. Please check your email for updates on training every day!

Comment By :Harsha Vardhan

This training helped me a lot in getting new referrals.I have learned many things from this conference room.I have learned and implemented and saw the results.So I wish everyone to come in and learn.This training helps you a lot.My special thanks to " Sales Manager " who is giving the fabulous session.Thankyou !

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