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Joining the Global Representatives Group will help you to skyrocket your business and make you a Top Earner in ACX. By helping other members  from YOUR culture and languages succeed in this business, you will be rewarded with benefits. 


   Benefits of being a Global Representative

  • Receive priority placement in the withdrawal queue 

  • Get publicized as part of the Global Representatives Group 

  • Receive a personal attention of an ACX Executive Team Advocate 

  • Be positioned to receive New Referrals from the ACX website


In order to be elligible as a Global Representative, you will need to meet to have the following requirements:


  • Have a reasonable command of the English language to be able to translate the site and regular updates to members who don't understand them as well as to be able to communicate with the ACX Global Representative Support Team.

  • Have a keen desire and patience to help others, whether they are your referrals or not.

  • Have a positive attitude when referring to the ACX business in all communications, such as social network sites, etc

  • Have a good understanding of how ACX systems work AND are already maximizing your own ACX program

  • Have a reasonable number of communication channels to reach your intended members, such as email, skype, social network accounts,etc

  •  Proven leaders who can train new leaders

You are the "face and the voice" of ACX. We expect the best of the best to represent us!


To apply to become a Global Representative, click HERE.


If you are already a GR Group member, please proceed to the GR Group dropdown menu to see what is available to you.




Take action today to build your Ad Click Xpress empire and you could be a VIP member someday! 



Comment By :Luz Rosa

I am doing well and would like for others to succeed

Comment By :pintu hoq

those peopole who r not joine thay dont know what r they missed.so hury come on n joien now.

Comment By :Cimot wapath

To get the succes we must come together to help each other there is no succes without other then unite together to achieve success is not solely private or group but share ours with respect to appreciate the good and bad regardless of other people's work thanks (greetings;cimot.wapath)

Comment By :Thomas Mollel

This give one of the best avenue for like minded people to succeed. It is a great business opportunity

Comment By :Mr. Diego

I am currently applying for the position I hope you will grant my wish.

Replied By :: Admin

We will consider your application as soon as possible - we normally process applications every week - simply make your Global Representative Profile as good as possible - and good luck to you!

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