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 An Advertising Management Spreadsheet is a great tool for marketers, like you, in keeping track of your advertising efforts in a table format. 

By tracking your online advertising efforts, it will help you "weed out" websites that don't bring results and allow you to focus on the ones that do.

Don't waste time, money and effort on unproductive sites! So what exactly is listed in this table?


  Website: List the websites that you are advertising in.

  Username: Record the username for each site.

  Password: Record the password for each site.

√  How Often You Are Allowed To Post Ad: It tells you how often you need to go back and post in any given time.

√  When You Posted The Last Ad: It reminds you when you last posted your ads

What Ad Tracking Code You Used: Use your ACX tracking codes to record  the effectiveness of your ads.


Here is a sample of how to fill your table in the most effective way.

                               Mgmt Spreadsheet

Download your very own Advertising Management Spreadsheet_V1 to start tracking your advertising efforts right now! 





Comment By :James John Mbugua

By managing adverts I will be able to ensure that more advertising of my business is scheduled properly. I have just downloaded a spreadsheet to help me do just that. Having done a lot of advertising with little result, I know believe my way of doing it could have been; rather has been the problem. Let see what happens in a month or so..

Comment By :Babul Akter

I have surrendared my financial life to ACX! I am happy and tensionless!.Thanks ACx

Replied By :: Admin

You are very welcome - please let us know whenever you have questions or concerns!

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