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This topic is very important, possibly more important than any other you will encounter There are lots of things to know, but you only have to know a few things to advertise effectively.

Once you know which places work well, you can just pay money each day for your favorite advertising places and take the rest of the day off - I'm not kidding :)  So pay close attention.....

I think most of the things to master are on the one page in the member area:


And we just added a new topic to the page: Advertising Management - check it out :)

Make sure you understand everything on this page, and you will be able to advertise effectively.


But always remember the following:

Just learning how to place ads, and learning where to advertise will not make you any money at all. You have to actually ADVERTISE - as long as you can each day, until you can't stand it each day.

Marketing Tip: "Actively Advertising" is your job, not "learning to advertise" :)

That means copy and paste your ad into advertising web sites. You'll know better after you've tried out a hundred sites, what works best for you - just keep track of your advertising at each site in a spreadsheet, like the following one:


Yes, one hundred - that's what I said - you need to gain experience to become effective.

Yes, we have a short list of places to advertise, on our site:


but you really need your own sites - it's fun!

And if you get ambitiious, and want to learn on your own, there is 

http://marketing.adclickxpress.com, www.youtube.com, and many others. Make money and have fun learning a very valuable skill, marketing at the same time!

Most important is to simply get started advertising, because the experience you gain is very valuable.

Fact is,  many people plan to advertise, but they never spend more than 10% of their time actually advertising - so they don't make much money.

So very important for everyone - make a quick plan, then start advertising - the more ads you place, the more money you make. 

One more time: Don't spend weeks on a blog or website - start advertising today - you only need your ACX affiliate web sites to get started.

If no one views your affiliate web site, no one will sign up, and you won't make a cent from referrals spending money.

Okay, here we go with the actual steps to advertise effectively:

First you need to choose an affiliate website you want to use.


First let's look at an affiliate site that talks about the business opportunity behind ACX.

One of my favorites is the one looking for lazy humans.

Here it is: http://adclickxpress.com/?r=admin&p=w2 - this is the affiliate site I recommend - replace "admin" with your own username.

Simple, and a little funny - appeals to many people around the world.


Is everyone able to find this site?

Every affiliate member has this affiliate site at ACX.

It's at http://adclickxpress.com/members/make-money-sharing/approved-advertising/affiliate-websites - on the ad system side.

Click the "Switch" button in the header if you are in the Media System.

Next Step: You need some text to post in classified ads or safelists, or in social media, or in E-mails.

I would suggest the sample ad #1 at http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/emg/emg-update-75

There are also different affiliate web sites to choose from, depending on whether you are on the Ad System or Media System - use the "Switch" button to change.

Here's a great affiliate site to use to get people's attention:

For the media side, you can also create your own affiliate site, by clicking on "Share Media".

Instructions on how to create a custom, funny affiliate web site are at


Just find a funny image you think would attract attention, and use it to advertise ACX.

So just go to the media side and click on "Media Xchange"

So if you are on the Ad System Side, you'll have to click the "Switch" button.

Then click on "Media Xchange".

Then click on "View Media" to start viewing images. 

Click on "Next" until you find an image that you think lots of people would like to see.

When you find a really funny image, then click on "Share Media".

This creates you a custom affiliate web site you can use to attract people who like funny images - many people do ;)

Simply use the link you just created to advertise to others about ACX.

So you have about 10,000 different affiliate web sites now - because we have over 10,000 images in our database, uploaded by members.

Now go see the results of your statistic by going to


and clicking on "Show Advertising Statistics"

You should see the affiliate website you just created at the top of the page, with one visitor (it was you).

Anyone have any trouble following me?


Okay, the affiliate sites we've talked about so far are all made for those people who are looking for a money-making business opportunity online

But you can also advertise to look for people who want to advertise their business.

Those who have a business already, they are looking for good places to advertise it.

Look at http://adclickxpress.com/members/make-money-sharing/approved-advertising/affiliate-websites again and scroll down a little to the section "Attract Advertisers"

Right now we have two sites that attract advertisers, and a third one on the way.

These sites will get your normal business people who are looking for places to advertise their business - and you make 25% on their purchases.

Then after they get signed up to advertise their site, they will see ways to become an affiliate and make money selling advertising also.

This is a very good strategy to get referrals for ACX.

When they become an affiliate later, and view websites to make money,  you'll continue to make 10% from every dollar they spend.

Anyone signing up as an advertiser also has access to our "prime advertising" - full-page ads, banners and text ads also.

I've gotten hundreds of signups from these ads already - they work very well.

The value of our prime advertising is very high right now - it's a fantastic value.

I'm sure that PTC sites do not have nearly the value of our web site visitors, because the members who click are paid so little, and have to click so often to make any significant money.

You'll need some exciting text to use to place your ad, to get people to go to your affiliate site that attracts advertisers.

A good example ad to use to attract advertisers is in the EMG update,


Okay, again, you need to choose an affiliate web site AND some text to go along with it.

Or, if you are going to place a banner ad, you choose a banner AND the affiliate web site you want your visitor to go to when they click on the banner.

Any questions about how to choose an affiliate website and ad text?

To summarize, you either advertise to find people who are looking for an online income.

Or you advertise to find people who are looking for good places to advertise their business.

So now you are ready to advertise your website and make some money.

But don't just advertise your normal affiliate URL - it will not work well.

First you need to add a tracking code to the end of your website's URL.

Note: If you are not using tracking codes, you are wasting your time advertising.


One of the most important aspects of advertising, tracking your success with ad tracking codes.

Here is the tracking code training page:


We'll look at it together in a second.


Please do NOT advertise without using tracking codes - you will discouraged quickly if you don't track your results.

Keep in mind that many people try to market for a few days, and then they decide they cannot do this anymore, because it doesn't work.

So they simply give up!

Tracking codes will show you exactly how you are doing. So you do NOT give up.

Okay, let's look at exactly how to use ad tracking codes.

You chose your affiliate URL already, above.

You have to put your own username in the URL affiliate web site I gave you, in place of "admin".

Here it is: http://adclickxpress.com/?r=admin&p=w2 - this is the affiliate site I recommend - replace "admin" with your own username.

If you don't know your username, you can find it under "My Account", and then "My Profile".

You now add "&c=tracking_code" at the end (without the quotes)  

Okay, the next step - test your URL with the ad tracking code at the end - just hit "Enter" on your keyboard to go to your affiliate web site with the ad tracking code at the end.

Then see the results of your statistic by going to http://www.adclickxpress.com/members/referrals

and clicking on "Show Advertising Statistics"

If you don't see a new entry at the top with the current date, it didn't work.

Is anyone having trouble seeing their statistic?

Again, this is one of the most important things you will learn from me.

If you use ad tracking codes when you post ads, you will be able to determine a few things:

1) Which websites you advertised at that were effective.

2) Which websites were not effective to advertise at.

3) Which affiliate websites you are using are the most effective.

4) Which headlines and text in your ads are most effective.

5) Which time of the day or week it's best to advertise at each website.

That's a lot of information that you get when you use ad tracking codes, right?

Again, without using ad tracking codes, you get none of the above.

In fact, I highly recommend that you create a new ad tracking code EVERY TIME YOU POST AN AD

It only takes 30 seconds to add a new code at the end of your URL before you post it.

So in a few weeks, you'll have thousands of ad tracking codes on your statistics page.

Ad tracking codes make you a professional advertiser!

Any questions about using ad tracking codes - you MUST use them, so please try them out now, so I can help.

If this is easy for you, feel free to cloak/shorten your URL also.



Otherwise, let me talk about one more important thing you need to know to advertise effectively

Okay, next step BEFORE you advertise anywhere:

Now that you know that your URL works the way you want it, the next step is to cloak your URL


I won't go into this technique, because I want you to first use ad tracking codes - they are the most important.

This page teaches you about cloaking your URL. 

You cloak your URL for two reasons:

1) to hide the domain from a visitor - you don't want them to know it's ACX before they get there.

If you don't cloak your URL, many will not click, because they think they recognize the program and say, "I already know that program - no need to click".

So if you are NOT using a cloaking/shortening system, you will probably lose 50% of your visitors.

2) the second reason to use a cloaker, is to shorten your URL before you post it.

Some people are really annoyed with long URLs, and some advertising sites don't allow long URLs. However, some advertising sites will NOT allow you to use a URL cloaker/Shortener, so just use your ACX URL with the ad tracking code at the end.

And every advertising website is different :) That can get annoying for YOU. It can actually get frustrating, because some advertising sites are very difficult to navigate.

I don't want to give you too much to handle - these techniques are very important for all advertising.

So if you think you have a good ad to place, you can start posting for the next 6 hours - take a break and post ads another 6 hours.

Okay, where should you advertise your ACX Business?

It really does not matter where you advertise, as long as you track your results, so you know if you want to place an ad again at a later date.

(your ad tracking codes will tell you if the advertising website was worth the time and/or money).

So make sure you use ad tracking codes - very important!!! :)

Here's another very important item: Be sure to create a spreadsheet and record every ad you send.

Things you want to record are "website, username, password, how often you are allowed to post an ad, when you posted an ad last, what ad tracking code you used".

There's a good example at http://marketing.adclickxpress.com/index.php/category/public/advertising-management

A spreadsheet can make a huge difference in your advertising efforts.

After a few weeks you will have a hundred places you have already advertised, so you can quickly go through them all again, especially the ones that worked well.

That's it - if you follow these steps, you are well on your way - and you can get started today :)


Posting ads is PURE ADVERTISING and that's what makes promoters money.

They don't make the money by just GETTING READY to advertise, or thinking about maybe advertising next week.

Tip of the day: Spend 90% of your time advertising to get new referrals, and only 10% of your time doing other things.

That's your key to success, believe me, I know :)

If you don't follow these simple steps, your advertising will not be effective - you can count on it - you will waste a lot of time if you don't advertise correctly. No pressure, it's just money for your family :)


One last comment about the training today:

If you understood what I taught you today, you do not need to know anything else and you can be extremely effective advertising online. It's true :)

And you can make a lot of money with ACX - it's the best program to be advertising online currently! :)

Make up to $1,000 per sale from each referral

If you want to learn more, I think the most important things to learn are at


But don't spend too much time learning - spend your time advertising :)


Where do you go next?

How about moving on to Where to Advertise ACX 



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