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What is a Contact Manager? A contact manager is a system that helps organize and manage your businesses in a simple manner, without having to hire staff and taking hours of your own time.

A contact manager is important for any serious marketer who has a medium to large downline that needs to be managed on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Having a system that takes care of your referrals gives you more time to concentrate on advertising and marketing your businesses, therefore, getting the opportunity to get more sales successfully.


What can you find in a Contact Manager?

  • The ability to add your business details including referral links, support contacts.

  • The ability to add your contact details for specific businesses as well as their sign up status.

  • Receive commissions for referrals who signed up with the contact manager website and make purchases.

  • Purchase more contact allocation for a monthly fee.

  • The ability to send pre-written follow-up emails to specific targets within the contact list and the ability to remove certain contacts from receiving emails.

  • The ability to track traffic coming into the contact manager site, sign-ups, conversion rate and last hits.


Having a small contact list may be easy to manage and follow-up with but once your business grows big, it is really important to be able to manage your time efficiently with regards to organizing your contacts and having the ability to email them quickly and effectively any time of the day. You don’t want to spend all day managing your list when you can spend your time advertising your businesses to millions of others who are looking for the opportunities that YOU have to offer!

Once you have your contact manager, then here is a great way to take full advantage of it!

Use the technique called Reverse Advertising, as follows:

a) Enter everyone you already know who is interested in making money on-line - that could be a lot of people who you are not considering currently.

b) Enter 10-50 contacts daily using this technique

That would be adding 3,600 - 18,000 contacts per year to your list!


Here are some more details to help you carry out this very effective technique well:

Important: Spam complaints or even termination of your contact manager membership could result if you do not follow these guidelines as closely as possible!

1) Record the following E-mail in your contact manager before you start entering contacts:

Hi [first_name],

Thanks for contacting me (or I saw your ad/website just now).

It looks like we are both trying to make money on line.

Could you please forward me your best business opportunities, so I could take a look at them?

And maybe you have a few places you would recommend for me to advertise my business once I get started.

Hope to hear back from you soon,

Your Name
[All your contact information]

Do NOT use a disclaimer/removal footer for this step, as it will drastically decrease your results - simply act as if you are genuinely interested in their business opportunities (you ARE interested about how they are making the most money, right?)!

2) Start entering everyone who contacts (E-mail/phone/face-to-face) you about their business opportunity (Or anyone who otherwise shows an interest in making money on the Internet) into your contact manager and send them the introductiory E-mail you created above, right after you save their information.

This method could give you 5-50 new contacts in your contact manager per day!

3) Wait a day or two and then start e-mailing them about YOUR favorite business opportunities and advertising resources, this time with a disclaimer/removal footer in your E-mail.

Important Note: the people you e-mail with this reverse advertising method are sometimes very compentent martketing experts - you want them in your business! So if you do not get immediate results using this technique, keep trying, as it will eventually payout big-time!




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