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Free Gifts For Your Prospects


Everyone loves to receive free products and services.  What better way to build your team than to give away free gifts? Only a few steps are needed to promote using free products and services.










There are numerous websites on the internet that give away things like coupons, health & beauty products, grocery samples,  and digital products - for FREE!

Here are good examples of freebie websites to find things you can give away to prospects:Totally Free Stuff   and The Centsable Shoppin

Here is how you get prospects to sign up for your main business:


First, you can send them an email with a promise to give them a free product, using the example of free long distance calling time just for visiting your web site.


Subject:  Free _____ for visiting my website

“Hi Mary,


Just for visiting my website, I'd like to offer you15 Minutes of Long Distance Calling Time.

Simply sign up under me at


[Your Business Website]


and then get back to me, and I'll promptly send you the link to the FREE phone credits.


Best Regards,



After your new prospect gets back to you to get their freebie, you follow up with an email like this one:


Subject: Here are your FREE Phone Credits

“Hi again Mary,


Thank you for signing up under me in [your program].

I think you will find this system to be the best way to make money online, so please be sure to investigate it

thoroughly and get back to me with your questions.

Here is the link to your free phone credits:










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