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Banner advertising is probably one of the most powerful forms of advertising on the internet. Banners are everywhere. They are the picture advertisements that appear on most webpages. Banner ad can be animated, have sound and some are in video format or they could be a combination of those forms. Many websites have banner space available for purchasing, normally located in the footer of their site.

How Do Banners Work?

Banner ads are usually box like ads located in specific places on a webpage with the purpose of attracting viewers to click on them. Upon clicking, the viewer is taken to the advertiser's splash or business page where they can browse the products and service offers. Banner ads come in all different shapes and sizes. Banner advertisements are usually measured in pixels. Large banners can range around 728 x 90 pixels and smaller banners can be about 468 x 60 pixels or 125 x 125 pixels. As per any form of advertisements, the cost of placing banners can vary depending on the site and the size. The more traffic hits a site gets, the more expensive the cost can be. Some banner sites are free to join however, to get quality exposure you may want to pay the fees that fit your budget.

How Banner Ads Can Help Your Business

For advertising online, using banners can most certainly help grow your business. Your banner must be attractive, unique or interesting, enticing the viewers to click and learn more. Using some sort of tracking ability in your website back office is highly recommended for all your links, including banner ads get the most out of banner advertising, to know what sites and ad designs are working best for you.


           Banner advertising can be purchased in many different ways but the most common are:

           •  CPI ­ Cost per thousand impressions

           •  CPC ­ Cost per click, only pay for clicks on your banner.

           •  CPA ­ Cost per acquisition when a consumer completes a transaction.

There are companies that can offer complete services, taking your marketing plan into consideration to establish a cost at a flat rate. They will create, submit, monitor and optimize your banner advertising campaign. You can also do all or part of the labor and maintenance yourself, especially if you are already familiar with banner systems or if your advertising budget is low.

What Is So Special About Banner Advertising?

When it comes to marketing, banner advertising provides a scalable, easy-to­-deploy solution. Banner advertising is relatively simple to learn and can be monitored and tweaked very easily when using the right website tools. You can track conversions, click­-through rates and impressions, which will enable you to optimize your campaigns to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

What Should My Ad Focus On?

A great place to start would be to evaluate and identify the most powerful features and benefits you are offering. What are you offering that other similar sites lack? Do you have a special or limited time bargain that you are wanting to promote? Banner ads have very few words on them, so choosing the best selection of content will make most effective impact. To get a very good idea of some powerful paid banner ads, visit the popular homepages of sites such as and

Currently banner ads are the most popular form of advertising used online. They are a fantastic, colorful way to attract interaction and engagement with a diverse range of audiences.


Social media is the ultimate vehicle for marketing your products nowadays. Any business that is NOT taking advantage of the power of Facebook, for instance, is missing out on huge opportunities to establish their brands and make sales.

Creating an account used specifically for business only might be a good option. Some of your friends and family may not be interested in the business side of you and prefer to only interact with you socially.

So now that you have a Facebook account, where do you start?

a) Establish Your Goal – how many “likes” are you wanting for your FB page? How many visitors are you wanting to see your website? These blend very well together, working hand in hand. Once you decide on your objectives, it’s time to explore what FB has to offer in terms of advertising schemes.

b) Page Likes – starting with this feature will help grow your audience and build your brand. More likes will encourage even MORE likes, gaining your popularity and exposure.

c) Facebook Offers - If you have something to offer exclusively for FB members, you may want to explore this option. You can give away things like e-books (PLRs) in exchange for an email address or signing up with your referral link. You can also give a discount on a product for visiting your site. Start with your fans and then move on to a bigger audience.

d) Post Interesting Images – people are visual by nature. Eye-catching and humorous images are always a plus in order to get their attention. You can buy images from sites like or get someone to customize an image from for only $5 or simply share images that have been shared with you.

e) Update your status with breaking news stories - that you think others might be interested in. Your shared status does not always need to be strictly business, but always refrain from sharing biased political opinions, religious topics or anything that others may find offensive. You want to attractive the masses, not just those who share your taste and beliefs.

f) Paid Advertising - in order to control your marketing costs, you can select a bidding option or choose between daily or lifetime budget. In this way, you can monitor how much money you are spending on a daily basis. Better still, make a spreadsheet and record every single dollar that you spend in order track your successes. Treat this like a business!

Facebook Groups vs Facebook Fan Pages:


  • Casual social setting for interacting with others and a good way to build relationships

  • Members of your group will automatically get notifications of new posts or they can opt to block notifications

  • Control who joins your group, by requiring approval or leave the group open for anyone

  • Control posts by requiring approval before they are seen by others

  • Delete posts and comments

  • Remove and permanently ban members of your group


  • Structured sales setting for publicly presenting your products or services

  • Members of your fan page will automatically get notifications of new posts or they can opt to block notifications

  • Anyone is allowed to “like” your fanpage

  • Control both posts and comments made others by requiring approval before they are seen by others

  • Delete posts and comments

  • Remove and permanently ban members of your fan page

  • Boost your sales by purchasing promoting packages from Facebook

  • Feature videos for extra attention and information about what you are offering

Whatever option you decide to try, make sure there is a Call To Action to take the next step. Readers need to be directed to where YOU want them to go. Make that decision for them!



Do you have a website that you want to direct traffic to? You may want to try something called Google Footprint. Leaving your “footprint” enables you to build backlinks to your site in exchange for simply leaving a comment containing your website signature.

First, search for a blog that relates to your topic of interest or something that you are promoting, let’s say from Try to find a blog that has a high Page Rank on Google, as this means more traffic to the site and will create quality backlinks.

Here is one method that you can use to find the best blogs that fit your requirement. Go to and type in:

“powered by wordpress“ [your keyword] –comments are closed

Example: If I want to use “make money online” as my keyword, the code will look like this –

“powered by wordpress“ make money online –comments are closed

You will finds a few sites generated at the top of the page which says “powered by WordPress”

Try this tip with several keywords or use Google Keyword Tool to help you get strong keywords that fit your business.

Recommendation: Install an add-on extension (for Mozilla Firefox) called SEO Status PageRank, which will add a toolbar which will display the PR (Google Pagerank) of the page you are visiting. It’s a really useful toolbar to have!

Make sure that you post positive comments before posting your link in the signature area. Anything negative will end up in the trash and never see the light of day! Even if the admin of the site doesn’t click on the link, it doesn’t matter because this exercise is to ensure that you have links on heavy traffic sites that point back to your site and share the traffic at the same time. This will help increase your ranking on Google, bringing your site closer to the top when those keywords are used in searching. You may even get a few signups from other visitors that read your blog comment and decide to visit your link.

If you decide to visit Forums using the same technique, key in the following code into your Google Search box:

“powered by SMF” [your keyword]

Example: If I want to use “earning from home” as my keyword, the code will look like this –

“powered by SMF” earning from home

You will finds a few sites generated at the top of the page which says “powered bySMF”

This technique is powerful and is used regularly by successful online marketers as one of the many ways to secure referrals online. Take a day off and just do this for one day or a few hours a day when you have time. You'll be surprised at the results!


If you use PayPerClick campaigns as one of your selected advertising platforms, here are two very important tips that will boost your click rate and save you money at the same time!

Ad Site Links

This feature allows you to add additional 2-6 links at the bottom of your ad, such as “Free Trial”, “Order Online Now”, etc. These links are added to direct your readers to specific pages on your site as a Call to Action or to display information you feel is important for them to know. An ad that takes up more real estate will usually catch the eye faster than those without. You can look at an example here

Negative keywords

This refers to keywords that you DON’T want associated with your ads. For instance, if you are advertising on a PayPerClick site (PPC) and you don’t offer free gifts or free trials, make sure that you add those words in the negative keyword list. You don’t want visitors to keep clicking on your ads in the hope of looking for free gifts as it will cost you money. Remember, you have to PAY every time someone clicks on your ad! Do a bit of research and find out all possible negative keywords associated with your own selected keywords here:

Make sure to use these tips - you will be glad that did!


What is Reverse Marketing? It is a marketing strategy where the buyer seeks out the seller for a product or service. This is beneficial for both parties as the buyer may seek information on something he is interested in, and the seller can provide valuable information in order to create a relationship based on authority and trust, even if he hasn’t actually sold the product yet.

How does this work in marketing? Well, as you probably know by now, there is a huge market of individuals who are looking for profitable online businesses as well as those who are selling memberships for commissions in similar industries.

What you want to do in this situation is to collect data, ie, names, emails, etc. of those individuals who are actively promoting their own programs all over the internet. Upon getting these information, send them an email to show an interest in their programs and find out where they are advertising successfully. If they reply and show an interest in communicating with you further, you may then proceed to build a relationship with them to establish a trust with them while adding them to your list of prospects!

As you show an interest in what they are selling, proceed to introduce your program to them as an alternative and be sure to have an unsubscribe link o note at the bottom of the page to ensure it is not considered as spam mail! Chances are, you will have interested parties, as they are in the market as you are. Try this strategy as it has been proven to work really well time after time.

More details HERE.



EVERY PROFESSIONAL MARKETER will tell you to be successful, it is very simple.  You need a list.

Without a targeted list, and without following up with your list in a consistent and informative manner, you will only struggle and your business will never reach its’ full potential.

Steps for using a Lead Capturing System:

  1. Attain your list of targeted prospects who are ready and willing to purchase your types of products and services from a good, trustworthy Lead Generating Program.

  2. Organize your valuable leads by adding them to your Contact Manager.

  3. Create unique landing pages that will grab attention - avoid giving them too much information to read. You want to keep them interested and curious in what you have to offer, so try not to give away too much information all at once. Always include a good call to action, ways to find out more information and the best methods of contacting you.

  4. Begin your introductory sales campaigns by way of emails, social networking, phone calls, traditional and offline marketing means. Include links to your capture page(s), some eye-catching taglines, instructions of what to do next, best methods to contact you and how to unsubscribe from your list.

  5. Follow up in sales and marketing is extremely important, whether using an autoresponder, phone calls or by some other means, never fail to follow up with your contact list or you will risk the chance of losing them forever!




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