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Learn the "forgottten" ways of offline strategies to increase your potential.


Offline advertising, also known as "Traditional Advertising", can be very effective for promoting your business. These are some of the activities that you can engage in to promote your business in the real world.


1. Word of Mouth

Your friends, relatives and past customers can recommend your services. You can also offer them incentives like a product or service free or at a discounted cost, if they mention your company to someone else.

2. Radio Interviews

Contact your local radio station and see if you can book an interview at a time of day when consumers who are in your targeted market will most likely be listening.

3. Radio Ads

Radio ads can brand your business and possibly become a household name, especially when combined with a short and catchy slogan or jingle.

4. Television Ads

The cost can be much cheaper than you realize for a television ad.

5. Phone Book Directories

You can attract local leads when your business is listed in phone book directories. Call your local landline phone company or you can also use multipurpose service, such as Ad Solutions

6. Directory Assistance Listings

When your business is listed in the directory assistance, consumers can find your business when they dial 411.

7. Business Cards, Flyers and Brochures

Design and use your local printer in your town or a service online to order your paper advertising.

8. Direct Mail

Direct mail can be very effective, delivered by the postal service to members of your community. For examples of direct mail costs, try UPS.

9. Newspapers

Advertise on the most popular pages or in the classified ad section or both. You can also write and submit editorials of topics that will interest members of your community.

10. Magazines

Printed media is still very popular for may people. Choose magazines that are closely associated with your type of products or services.

11. Gift Certificates, Vouchers and Coupons

Create and print out discount vouchers, gift certificates or coupons. Offer holiday and seasonal discounts and some businesses even offer discounts for senior citizens. Some states and countries strictly regulate coupon offers. To determine if you are eligible to offer coupons, make sure to research and if you have doubts, seek professional advice.

12. Promotional Samples, Gimmicks and Gadgets

Printing companies can make custom items such as ink pens, key chains, matchbooks, coffee cups, calendars, magnetic advertisements for automobiles or even refrigerator magnets. Your local printer could possibly save on the cost if you buy items in bulk. Build a relationship with them and you will be able to do some bartering for the services they provide.

13. Events, Parties and Conferences

Conference centers or town halls are often available for rent when you want to host a larger event or dinner party.

14. Charity and Non-Profit Organizations

Donate your products, services or volunteer your time to help others. Not only can you build a very large network  in your community, but doing good deeds for others is inspiring and contagious. When you share with others in need, your philanthropic efforts may greatly reward you socially, economically, psychologically, physically and spiritually.

15. Trade Shows

Setting up a booth at trade is a great way to get your business well known.

16. Fairs and Festivals

Showcase your products and services at fairs and festivals. It could end up being an annual tradition and alot of fun too!

17. Sponsorships

Sports teams, local speedway events, awards and scholarships are just a few ways of sponsorships and a great way to brand your business locally. By purchasing apparel or other promotional items with your logo and slogan displayed will advertise your business in a fun, but effective way.

18. Combine Offline Marketing Methods

Use combinations of your favorite and most successful marketing methods of offline advertising. Many of these work hand in hand and can even enhance one another.






Comment By :Padang Adiguna

Absolutely fantastic information, very nice, thanks, wish often update marketing material like this :D

Comment By :didit

Absolutely fantastic information, very nice, thanks, wish often update marketing material like this :D

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Thank you! We do the best we can with the limited time we have!

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