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Comment By :Lodewijk Wolff

My new referrals ask me where they can find their referral link. I used to know how. I told them to click on Make Money Sharing. Now this no longer works. Please advise!

Replied By :: Admin

Hi, They can find all their referral links in the Websites and Banner pages. Websites- and Banners -


Comment By :Wisdom Ifiok

Great I got this link finally. How are u doing and how is ACX? Please I joined this biz since it was Just Been Paid. Up till now I have not made any withdrawal, rather I keep putting money there. Jet the money does not grow. What can I do to grow my business. I feel so frustrated when I watch videos of how others are making it. Please advise me, I need help!1

Replied By :: Admin

Hi, There is a lot of useful material on this site to help you in marketing ACX .You can start with MARKETING ACX located at the top menu and read about the many ways and how to write effective emails, text ads, etc. Don't forget that we also have daily marketing training (twice a day) in theConference Room. 

Comment By :endah dwiyanti siwi dra

Can I my fund in PC & JBP Funding, back into my wallet ?

Replied By :: Admin

No, you cannot, at least not directly - to use PC money, you will need to fund ACX with new money - this gives you a significant discount and increased potential earnings compared to new members, so take full advantage of it as soon as possible!


no estiendo nada de la conferncia pues es en ingles y solo hablo espaƱol

Replied By :: Admin

You should be able to find a Global Representative to assist you in your language:

Comment By :Rev Iluke Samitha

hello. My media pack was expired. But not add money to account. Why?

Replied By :: Admin

It sounds like your Media Pack was converted to a Panel or cash - see the following for details:

Comment By :YASHODA P K

how can do this type of business, I can't understand how to start, how can earn frm this

Replied By :: Admin

There are simply two ways to earn money in the Power 300 System:

1) Spend money on advertising packages and view ads of other members, and/or

2) Find other people who do the same.

Comment By :Christopher Uzochukwu

I have submitted my referral link at the traffic exchange and assigned lots of credits but no conversion. Is the traffic real, if so why no conversion for a long time? Christopher Uzochukwu.

Replied By :: Admin

Yes, the traffic you get at ACX is very real - maybe your ad or website is not interesting enough for the members viewing it.

Comment By :Carlos Humberto Mazuera

I was in justbeenpaid what I have to do to transfer the money over there to your system ?

Replied By :: Admin

Your funds from JustBeenPaid are in a special wallet.

Simply fund money into ACX to buy advertising, and some of your JustBeenPaid balance will be made available automatically to give you a special discount - of course this will also increase your earnings by 10%-20%.

Comment By :Stanojevic Marina

Hi there, how to use refferal link if I don't receive founds for my uploads Funny Media? How to show and explain next members to work this like me ? Sincerely Can someone explain me something about this? sincerely

Replied By :: Admin

You only receive money when your referrals spend money in ACX, but you can use the special funny media affiliate websites to attract referrals easily.

Comment By :kawan5926

how do i withdraw m pc premium money

Replied By :: Admin

Click on the button, "Access PC Balance" in the Member Area for all the details.

Comment By :NFCC

Could we get a 300x600 Banner to advertise traffic exchange login ads? thanks

Replied By :: Admin

Most of the affiliate websites are relatively short, so they should work well in traffic exchanges.

Comment By :Godwin Amafule


Replied By :: Admin

Referrals links are at

and click on "Marketing Materials".


Comment By :miki

To become a VIP member should fund $ 1,000 or more in my Account. In what time period should fund account to become a VIP member

Replied By :: Admin

To become a VIP member, you will need to fund at least $1,000 over the course of your membership with ACX.

As soon as you fund enough, you will automatically receive the VIP Benefits.


Comment By :Gregory Rigaud

So if we find a better program than ACX we post it here? Do we post the main link or our referral link?

Replied By :: Admin

This is not a place for you to advertise, but you are welcome to state the name of the program, of course.

Comment By :Shaila Sable

How I can Withdraw my pc balance? Pc Premium Baance?

Replied By :: Admin

You cannot withdraw your PC Balance directly; however, you can use it to buy advertising - and earnings from advertising can be withdrawn.

Click on "Access PC Balance" for more information.

Comment By :Ravi Shankar V

how to get started

Replied By :: Admin

The best way to get started is to click on the new button, "Getting Started" on the ACX Dashboard.

Comment By :Mohammed Parvez Sabir

even i have recently join ACX but i didnt got any $I0 As joining bonus like others why explain?

Replied By :: Admin

When you sign up, you should get $10 on the Ad System and $5 on the Media System sides.

But the money gets automatically spent on Ad and Media Packs for you.

So you just need to go to the "Get Paid Now" Page, view ads or funny images and start earning.

Comment By :OK

pls what should i do to increase my daily earning??

Replied By :: Admin

Simply buy more advertising to increase your daily earnings - this might cause you to also have to view more websites to get paid.

And if you don't have much money to spend, click on the following link:

Comment By :Earl Smalls

Just saw today's announcement. I was blown away by this statement...."it is very likely that ACX will become the model all organizations begin to copy, including financial systems worldwide". Would love to see this! We'll see. .

Replied By :: Admin

Yes, the financial model of ACX is very simple to copy, but the proper management of the system will be a challenge for anyone copying ACX - we are all very excited about this new Variable DSC.

Comment By

Hi I am Thinking that I may promote the program again when I am fully convinced that it works Bug free. My question to you is: Will I be able a some point to upload my many prospect emails, and have them invited through your server, content, with my link, in this manner?

Replied By :: Admin

Please check out the page, "Contact Manager", under the "Get Started Marketing" in the menu above - it does exactly what you want to do.

Comment By :Sajjan Khan Solangi

What material should i add to make my own website

Replied By :: Admin

It is usually a good idea to search the Internet, to see what other ACX members are doing to create an interesting web site to support their marketing efforts - then simply make your website better!

Comment By :Augustine Apeh

How can I add a friend?

Replied By :: Admin

Simply send your friend one of your affiliate websites in an E-mail - you can find them all at

Comment By :Chandan Jha

How i earn money from rewards

Replied By :: Admin

General instructions are at

You can also get specific answers to your questions by submitting a help desk ticket at - choose the "Withdrawal Rewards" Department to get the quickest answer.

Comment By :KAUSHIK DE

why the withdrawal take to much time my pending 110 hour but not recive payment

Replied By :: Admin

There are a few possible reasons for this:

1) Your withdrawal request might still be under review - if anything suspicious turns up in your account, your withdrawal request could be delayed until the problem is resolved. It's very important that we only pay those members who are entitled to earnings, not to hackers, and not to members who have unethically used the system to make a profit.

2) There might not be enough money available in the payment processor you chose. ACX has an internal money exchange system it uses, but NOT automatically and not daily - you might want to choose a different payment processor to which you request your money to be transferred.

3) There are too many withdrawal requests in the system to handle currently - either weekly revenue needs to increase as described in the ACX Simple Recipe or, if promoters are not effective enough to cover the void, an XpressShift needs to take place. An XpressShift will ALWAYS need to take place in a system that pays back more money in daily earnings than a member pays for services - it's a mathematic impossibility to do otherwise.

Comment By :Michel van Haneghem

Hello, are the offered affiliate websites aproved for Facebook advertising?

Replied By :: Admin

Yes, absolutely - ACX does very little to restrict the way you advertise, and we NEED to be relatively aggressive in our advertising in order to compete with the many other systems out there which offer similar services - so do ALL you can do, to advertise on Facebook and on any other advertising medium out there.

Comment By :Beverly Grigsby

Where do I view ads and find out how many I need to view

Replied By :: Admin

For the Ad and Media Systems, visit the following page, near the bottom:

For the Monsoon System, there are no viewing requirements at this time.


Comment By :Rae Rothermel

links don't help....talking to a real person would

Replied By :: Admin

ACX offers you live assistance 24/7/365.

Simply click on "ACX Live Chat" at the bottom of any Member Area Page.


Comment By :Rae Rothermel

I'm so lost...can you give me simplified way of learning this site....thanks

Replied By :: Admin

I'm really sorry to hear that, but keep in mind, earning money with a system such as ACX is NOT something you learn in school or otherwise in life.

But we'll teach you, and you have lots of time to learn - ACX is indefinitely sustainable, so we expect to be here for many years to come.

Probably the most effective way to learn is to constantly ask our Live Chat Staff your questions while you learn everything - we are here for you 24/7/365.


Comment By :Stanley O.O.

I have my referral bonus in my other ACX account. Now, I want to transfer the cash to my present ACX account. How do I do it?

Replied By :: Admin

You cannot transfer money from one ACX account to another; in fact, you are only allowed to operate one account - operating more than one ACX account can result in ALL of your accounts becoming suspended.

Comment By :Stanley O.O.

Stanley O.O: Is my money safe, if I decide to keep building my ad-packages between now and November 15th, so as to submit ticket for XMAS CASH WITHDRAWAL?

Replied By :: Admin

The longer you build your account, the more likely it is that you experience an XpressShift without being able to withdraw any money.

Yes, you DO make more money in the long run; however, your money could get tied up in the longer-term Panel System if you don't withdraw it in a timely manner.

The best strategy is usually to NOT be too greedy and try to make the biggest profit possible, but withdraw some of your earnings from time to time - so that when an XpressShift happens, you will NOT be too disappointed when your daily earnings decrease and you need to manage your Panels by buying accelerators to get them to pay out in a timely manner.

The best strategy to make the MOST money is to SPEND the most money.

Again, there are NO guarantees when you can withdraw money each day; however, ACX operates the system so that daily withdrawals are available as much as possible.

Comment By :Stanley O.O.

Hi! Please. At maximum, how many days does it take to receive cash IF I SUBMIT A WITHDRAWAL TICKET?

Replied By :: Admin

That is a great question - although it is difficult to answer throughly without going into huge detail.

If weekly revenue is much higher than the requested daily withdrawals, you can expect payment within 24 hours.

The smaller the difference between overall ACX weekly revenue and overall ACX weekly withdrawal requests, the longer it takes to receive withdrawals, even up to several days.

It's also important to consider which payment processor you choose for your withdrawal - the more popular payment processors simply have more money available for withdrawal requests at any given time - although that can also vary at times.

In general, there is NO maximum time set for withdrawals, nor does ACX have any direct control over the financial situation - it's always determined by the actions of the members, whether they spend and share a lot, or less.

Comment By :Stanley O.O.


Replied By :: Admin

It sounds like one of your Ad Packages just expired - possibly the oldest one you purchased.

In any case, for specific account questions, you will probably have to contact our Help Desk by creating a ticket at


Comment By :Umarr farooq

I want to get rebate on PC panels can you guide me how to get rebate fastly .

Replied By :: Admin

Rebates are paid when your panel fills all 6 spots with the panels of other members.

Currently accelerators that are bought for about $14 fill quickly, usually within one day.

That should help you decide how quickly you can get your panel to fill.

Otherwise, review all the training information at


Comment By :Leendert Wolbers

i do it now for 3years and i have never get money out this system. every time shifting and then not enough adpacks to go further.and no more money to spend. and i thinking this program i can earn some money. what u say

Replied By :: Admin

That's a great question for everyone.

I see you spent $150 back in 2013 - well that was almost 4 years ago - you have been missing out on making a lot of money over the years.

And then you bought some accelerators - but probably no one bought accelerators in the rest of your panels, so only one of your panels completed so far - with the new Panel Builder Loans, that has all changed - you should have already received some Builder Loan Accelerators - this will cause your panels to fill for sure. As they fill, they will also become more valuable in the Panel Exchange.

You were also able to sell one of your panels in the Panel Exchange for $40 - good job - that gave you some immediate cash to spend.

The quickest way to make money is to spend money for new Advertising, and then use some of your profits to buy accelerators to get your money out of the Panel System.


Comment By :abdulrasheed hassan

Pls how can I post my withdrawal earnings and make money

Replied By :: Admin

Yes, you can make a lot of money this way!

Details at


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