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Highly effective for social media feeds, classified ads, SMS mobile marketing and even business cards or simple flyers


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When advertising your affiliate websites, it is highly recommended to first create a tracking code and then use a link cloaker/shortener, especially when posting on social networks such as Facebook or on classified ad sites such as Craigslist. Both web tools are commonly used as a practical preventative measure to ensure your post does not get flagged.

Using a tracking code for all referral links is extrememly crucial so you can effectively determine the success rate of each ad you post.  The ACX Tracking Code system works very well for this purpose, showing you statistics of your marketing efforts.

When you use a link cloaker such as Tinyurl, you can mask an unattractive lengthy referral link into a much shorter link and even customize it with a catchy slogan.

To see the rate of clicks and signups for your ads, click on Advertising Statistics on your "My Referrals" page.


Sample text ads:


Do you own Bitcoin or other Coins?

It's much too risky, right?

Give us your Bitcoin, so we can do the trading FOR YOU.

We'll pay you 1% per day MINIMUM Earnings!


Sell All Your Bitcoin!

Then give us that money in U.S. Dollars.

Let us do the trading for you, so you don't risk anything.

Make 1% per day MINIMUM when we trade for you.

It works!

Earn 1% daily for Life - from Cryptocurrency Trading

We carry all the RISK, so you don't need to!

You don't even have to own a single coin...

My SMS says I am Earning $$$

All day long! Find out how I earn at home!

Do you want to finally ESCAPE the 9 to 5 rat race for good?

I'm going to show you the way now!

Be your OWN Boss. Work your OWN hours.

It's easy to Work From Home! Plan your sure-fire future NOW!





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