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The average working professional receives about 100 emails per day.   Over half of all emails get deleted without being even being opened.

It's important to make sure your headline stands out in the crowd!



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Headlines for your emails should be unique and interesting enough to make readers want to click for more!

When it comes to Email Marketing, writing headlines, also known subject lines, can be the most difficult part of your email to write.

Here are are a few tips that can help you write the best headlines:

Show your offer in the headline, clearly letting them know what you are selling, but do all the selling within the email body. Remember to put yourself in your readers' shoes. If the headline is too broad, it most likely will not resonate in their minds.

Ask a question, targeting the problems that people can relate to that can be solved by using your product or service. A question worded right can be a  very powerful call to action.

Don't ask for help - this is a common headline for scams and your reader will most likely flag or report you, even before reading your email. Offering help is a much better headline type.

Give a deadline with limited time offers, but try not to overuse discount offers. Sending out emails everyday, such as "50% off Today" will get your contacts accustom to the fact that your discounts are really everyday and therefore, there is no real urgency to open it now.

Short and sweet headlines can pack a powerful punch, so try to keep them under 40 characters. According to Mailchimp, emails with headlines of 28-39 characters have the best opening rate. Also keep in mind that many of your first time readers and your subscribers will be using mobile devices to read their email. They will be skimming over and deleting anything that looks like it could resemble a novel.

Trickery will get you nowhere and in fact, you will have a much higher unsubscribe rate if you try to fool your readers. Don't use FW: or offer something you are not selling. If your headline claims one offer, but the email body shows another, this type of "bait and switch" tactic will only anger people and not help your sales or your unsubscribe rate.

Consider a "teaser campaign", which is a series of emails that gives subscribers a little bit of information with each email, making them anxious to read what happens next. Each headline will be like the next exciting chapter of a good book.

Don't use spam trigger words. Certain words can sometimes go to a non-subscribers' spam box such as,  free, money, cash and cheap. See an extensive list of Spam Triggers. Using words like help, percent off and reminder are great words that will not go to spam and will entice the readers to open your emails.

Use localization if possible. Studies show that emails that mention a person's name have a less opening success rate than do those that mention the area where the person lives.

Test your headlines. It is great to know what works for you and your business. For example, if you would like to still use names in your headlines, you might want to mix things up a bit and test which works better, names or localization. You can also use Ad Tracking Codes to test your success.


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